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A Black Superman and why I currently find DC more interesting than Marvel anyway

A Black Superman and why I currently find DC more interesting than Marvel anyway

A Black Superman and why I currently find DC more interesting than Marvel anyway

A new "Superman" movie has been announced, probably with a black figure at the center of the plot. For me, that's not the only reason: DC has now taken a more interesting direction in cinema than its competitor Marvel.



When the news reached me that a new "Superman" movie was in development, I wrote the following, snappy comment in the chat with befriended movie nerds:

"Hollywood is in the greatest change through streaming since television was invented as competition for the cinema, the future of all studios with the exception of Disney is uncertain, but luckily at Warner the best of the best have come together and their solution is ... TROMMELWIRBEL ... a new 'Superman' movie. "

I wrote this comment when I hadn't realized that Warner wasn't just planning the next "Superman" movie, but that scriptwriter Ta-Nehisi Coates and producer J.J. Abrams want to tell a different version of what is arguably the most famous of all superhero stories.

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Another superman

No, Kal-El from the planet Krypton won't be stranded on earth again, only to grow up on a farm and fight Lex Luthor again.

At least it doesn't look like it. Ta-Nehisi Coates would like to deliver a - in his own words - "meaningful" extension of the Superman story and Superman is supposed to be black this time. Now it would be conceivable to simply show a black-skinned Kal-El who has about the same experiences as the white Kal-El.

Ta-Nehisi Coates would like to deliver a - in his own words - "meaningful" extension of the Superman story and Superman is supposed to be black this time.

Unfortunately, the color of the skin in our world leads to a radically different experience, depending on whether it is light or dark. The story of a black Superman should therefore differ from the story of a white Superman if only because one belongs to a group that is racially discriminated against and the other does not.

It looks like Studio Warner will show the most famous of all superheroes from a new perspective (there are role models in the comics, e.g. Calvin Ellis, an Obama-inspired Superman who is President of the United States). And in contrast to the films of the competitor Marvel, this change of perspective is now favored by the fact that one has said goodbye to the model of the Cinematic Universe.

Goodbye DCEU

Formally, the DC Extended Universe (DCEU) that started with “Man Of Steel” (2013) may still exist, in fact it was buried with “Justice League” (2017) - in any case, “Aquaman”, “Shazam!”, “ Birds of Prey ”or“ Wonder Woman 1984 ”made no serious attempts to make me as a viewer feel that these films are all set in the same world (with“ Shazam! ”The head of the hero became from the edge of the picture for a Superman cameo cut off because Henry Cavill was not available).

Warner started the DC Extended Universe in a hurry after it stream planet foreseeable that the competitor Disney / Marvel had dug a gold mine with its Shared Universe. Stars and filmmakers were crushed with the pretense that they should now have their own “Avengers” as well, and instead were given “Batman V Superman” and “Justice League”, which were about anything and nothing so really.

In the meantime, however, Warner has noticed that it can also be done without cross-connections between the films and without major team-ups:

In the meantime, however, Warner has noticed that it can also be done without cross-connections between the films and without major team-ups:

“Joker” became a super hit, although director Todd Phillips tells a detached, stand-alone origin story in it. I think the film is a failure, but I'm still happy that films of this kind are possible at Warner / DC - because they are not at Disney / Marvel.

Emilia Clarke instead of Amber Heard in "Aquaman 2"? Rumors are obviously wrong

The shared universe of the Marvel variety could become more and more of a corset. The Marvel films are also becoming increasingly diverse and the upcoming series on Disney even more so, but all filmmakers must always use their creative energy to combine their entries with the others in terms of content (and not too much tonally different from the established one Remove the Marvel formula, where action and humor - with the exception of "Deadpool 3" - must always be suitable for minors).

Producer Kevin Feige may open the Marvel multiverse, so the juxtaposition of different hero incarnations, but the multiverse films "Spider-Man 3: No Way Home" with (probably) three spider men and "Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness “Look to me at the moment more like strictly controlled experiments, like clearly defined, time-limited deviations from the norm, in which several old hero versions come together once before the big story continues.

At DC, however, it should be normal in the future to show different jokers as well as different bat and super men and to develop their ranks further. The DC film series grows lively in all possible directions - without a major plan, but more free.

Volkswagen built an autonomous robot for easy charging of electric vehicles

Volkswagen built an autonomous robot for easy charging of electric vehiclesWe drive up to the charging station with our Volkswagen electric car and do not bother connecting the charger. This friendly looking robot will do it for us.

The R2-D2 for electricians is currently in the prototype phase, but the concern is already testing it extensively at several charging stations for electric vehicles, both in its home town of Wolfsburg and in several cities in China where the vehicles are very popular. Volkswagen representatives announced that the first robots will appear in commercial use in a few months.

The robot is in fact a mobile powerbank, in which energy was previously stored for charging vehicles with a battery capacity of approx. 50-70 kWh. It is a very practical solution. Thanks to it, energy can be stored, and when there is a grid failure or overload, electric vehicles will not be grounded, but can be recharged normally.

It is not known whether such autonomous robots can be purchased cinemascanner their own needs and use them in their own garage, but experts are sure that such a solution has a bright future ahead of it. If we have a photovoltaic panel system on the roof of the house, the energy from them can go to the robot during the day, be stored in it, and charge the vehicle at night, thanks to which we will not waste the energy obtained when we are away from home and we will not load the grid at night when electric vehicles charge the lion's share of their happy owners.

Other companies around the world are also working on similar solutions. A few years ago, Tesla showed its robot. Elon Musk said that the electrics charging cyber handset will appear at the company's stations, but so far nothing of the sort has happened and it is unlikely to change any time soon. Apparently, Americans do not have any problems with plugging the plug into the vehicle, and even for them it is a kind of pleasure.

Dark matter is older than the Big Bang and is outside the universe

Dark matter is older than the Big Bang and is outside the universeThe groundbreaking research of scientists from Johns Hopkins University spread like wildfire around the world of astronomy and aroused a lot of controversy. They tell us that the Big Bang was not the beginning.

Until now, astronomers have focused on everything that happened in our universe after the Big Bang. Meanwhile, scientists from the United States have done research that has shown us something that happened before everything was created. It's hard to comprehend, because with the Big Bang there was time and space, so how could anything have been before ?!

Astronomers at Johns Hopkins University described in the journal Physical Review Letters that before the Big Bang there may have been dark matter, which today makes up about 30 percent of our universe's space. Researchers not only explain how dark matter could have formed, but also how it can be identified through astronomical observations.

Dark matter plays a key role in the formation of galaxies and galaxy clusters, so understanding its essence is essential in understanding their formation and the development of the entire universe. Although we cannot observe it directly, we know that it is interacting gravitatively with Baryonic matter.

“The study revealed a new link between particle physics and astronomy. If dark matter is made up of new particles that were born before the Big Bang, they affect the way galaxies ARTS WWW arranged in the sky in unique ways. This combination can be used to reveal their identity and draw conclusions about the pre-Big Bang era, ”said Tommi Tenkanen, associate professor of physics and astronomy at Johns Hopkins University and author of the study.

Many astronomers believe that dark matter may be a leftover from the Big Bang, but so far experiments have failed to confirm this theory. So scientists decided to check whether it could have existed even before the Big Bang.

They used a new, simple mathematical structure in their study. The study showed that dark matter may have formed before the Big Bang in an era known as cosmic chaotic inflation, when space was expanding rapidly. Rapid development is believed to lead to the abundant production of certain types of particles called scalars. So far, only one scalar molecule has been discovered, the famous Higgs boson. The new study also suggests a way to test the origin of dark matter by observing signs of dark matter on the distribution of matter in the universe.

“We don't know what dark matter is, but if it has anything to do with scalar particles, it may be older than the Big Bang. In the proposed mathematical scenario, we do not need to assume new types of interactions between visible and dark matter beyond the gravity that we know is there, 'explains Tenkanen.

Many scientists suggest that our universe is not the only one. It is quite possible that dark matter fills the space outside of our universe where it is located. It is there that other Universes are to exist and form, similar to the principle on which planets were formed in the Solar System.

Artificial intelligence discovered new craters on the moon and counted all existing ones

Artificial intelligence discovered new craters on the moon and counted all existing onesMachine learning technologies are the future of the development of our civilization. Thanks to them, we will be able to make breakthroughs in literally all areas of life, including the world of science and astronomy.

Scientists recently developed an advanced artificial intelligence algorithm to detect new ones and count all craters on the surface of the Silver Globe. It was not an easy task, as the engineers first had to train the system to find and identify craters. It turns out, however, that the results exceeded the expectations of scientists.

The system has learned to search for craters, recognize them and identify them so well on the basis of the collected data, that not only were it discovered so far completely unknown craters, but also managed to determine their exact size and even age. Thanks to artificial intelligence, we now know that there are 109,956 craters on the natural satellite of our planet. It is 200 times more than we thought so far.

Remarkably, the machine learning system does not only specialize in discovering small craters, because most of them we knew nothing about, but also discovered real giants with a diameter of 300 to 550 kilometers. These are objects larger than those on Earth. Of course, we are talking about the remains of them Epic movie news since most of them have been eroded, but thanks to research we know that the Moon was once covered by much larger craters.

Scientists boast that their algorithm also determined the age of nearly 20,000 craters. All of them were created in virtually all epochs of the formation of the Silver Globe, and the oldest are as much as 4 billion years old, which is slightly less than our planet. Astronomers now want to use their algorithm to count craters on Mars.

Accurate images of this mysterious planet will be needed here, but this will not be a problem, as NASA has orbiters in Mars orbit, which take high-resolution images of the surface. Scientists hope that by analyzing the craters, it will be possible to unravel several mysteries about the turbulent past of the Red Planet.

Global failure of Google. Millions of people cannot log into the services

Global failure of Google. Millions of people cannot log into the servicesToday there has been a global failure of Google services. This is an unprecedented event in the history of the company and the Internet. Users report that they cannot use any of the services offered by the concern.

The global failure occurred today after 12:30 Polish time. If you have a Gmail or YouTube account, you won't be able to log in. Google has not yet issued a statement on this matter. We can guess that the giant's team is sweating to control the tragic situation.

From the DownDetector website, we can learn that there are problems with connections and servers in almost all key metropolises in the world, which is why millions of people around the planet cannot log in to the services and use them. On Twitter, "Google", "

It is not known what happened, but it is quite TV Review that the biggest cyber attack on Google in history took place. As it really is, we'll find out soon. Let's just hope that the criminals will not again find out confidential information about the users of the giant's services.

Unfortunately, an alien civilization on Proxima B may have been annihilated 7 years ago

Unfortunately, an alien civilization on Proxima B may have been annihilated 7 years agoScientists have developed the first cosmic weather forecast for the star closest to us (apart from the sun). We are talking about Proxima Centauri, which has two planets located in its habitable zone.

Recall that the star and planets are about 4 light years (40 trillion kilometers) away from us, and according to the latest knowledge, both are similar to the Earth in that they are stone objects and are so far from their star Proxima Centauri that liquid water may be present on their surface. Therefore, they are in the so-called a residential area where biological life can flourish.

The astronomical world is making plans to send space probes to these objects, thanks to which we will be able to better study them and find out if intelligent life forms can really exist there. Unfortunately, we hear very sad news from scientists from the American Carnegie Institution who published their scientific work in the Astrophysical Journal Letter on the activity of the star Proxima Centauri. It turns out that if there was an intelligent civilization on the level of our development on the planet Proxima B, it could have been annihilated a few years ago.

During the observation, which took place on March 24, 2017, horrific events took place in the system that make astronomers sleepless about our sun. There was a gigantic, ten times more energetic burst of X-rays and a plasma ejection than those occurring on the Sun.

The flare increased the brightness of aboutmusics Centauri by 10,000 times in 10 seconds. The entire event lasted just under two minutes, according to data collected by astronomers with the help of the ALMA Observatory. It was enough for a huge cloud of high-energy particles to destroy / blow off the atmosphere of Proxima B and lead to the annihilation of all forms of intelligent life.

Scientists from the Carnegie Institution emphasize that if a similar event happened on the Sun, it would mean a global destruction for our civilization. Even if humanity somehow managed to survive in underground shelters, life on the surface would be impossible, and all electronics in space and on Earth would be irreversibly damaged, thereby reversing our technological development by 200 years.

Astronomers have known for some time that Proxima Centauri is experiencing powerful flares and plasma bursts, but did not think they could be so powerful and life-killing. With heartache, but they recognize that even if Proxima B and other planets that may be in the system may have been viable, in the face of such star activity, there is no point in deluding some intelligent civilizations.

After all, astrobiologists hope that life forms unfamiliar to us may have adapted to such extreme conditions or simply exist beneath the surface where they built their cities. There is also an option that the planet has a powerful magnetic field that fully protects it from radiation.

Hyundai bought Boston Dynamics. Famous robots will go to the Korean army

Hyundai bought Boston Dynamics. Famous robots will go to the Korean armyThis is another piece of news in recent days, which clearly shows that the future of this type of machines will primarily be related to the army and their use in various military operations.

Boston Dynamics is known around the world for the production of its yellow robot dog called Spot and a white humanoid robot called ATLAS. Both devices are currently the most advanced in the world. It is these inventions that have set the direction for the development of intelligent robots in recent years.

From the very beginning, the goal of the engineers at Boston Dynamics was to build robots to improve people's lives. They were to support the medical services and become our friends who will visit our homes. Unfortunately, Japanese SoftBank, the current owner of the company, decided to sell it because it does not bring such profits as its authorities would like.

The Spot and Atlas will now go to the Korean Hyundai. The company is active in various industries, including robotics. The Koreans make no secret that they want to change the robot development profile. Their goal is to adapt them to Movie sider in the armies, where they will support soldiers on the battlefields. The army has large funds, so it is also a great source of profit.

SoftBank sold Hyundai's 80 percent stake (controlling interest) in Boston Dynamics for $ 920 million. Now engineers from the three companies will start working together not only on the further development of the robot-dog Spot, the ATLAS humanoid and the robot Handle, but also intend to initiate new projects that will allow the construction of devices more related to, for example, automotive and logistics, all with a view to about the needs of the army and services.

Divers found the legendary Enigma at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. See what looks like

Divers found the legendary Enigma at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. See what looks likeA group of German divers found a unique find in the Baltic Sea, namely a machine used by the Nazis to send coded messages during World War II.

The Enigma, because it is what we are talking about, was fished out from the Baltic Sea and transferred to the museum for the necessary conservation works. Interestingly, however, this was not the purpose of the work of the divers who, commissioned by the WWF environmental group, scoured the sea in the vicinity of Gelting Bay in search of abandoned fishing nets. - A colleague swam and said: there is a net with an old typewriter - says the leader of the divers Florian Huber in an interview with the DPA agency. It quickly turned out that they had stumbled upon a unique specimen, which they had rightly identified as a historical artifact, and immediately notified the appropriate authorities.

Only that it was not a typewriter, but an Enigma, one of those encryption machines used by the Germans during World War II that kept the Allies awake at night. Jann Witt of the German Naval Association suggests that it is an Egyptian shipmaker most likely thrown overboard of a German warship during the last days of the war, because famous Nazi submarines used newer and more complex 4-rotor models. Nevertheless, the find is still impressive, because although some copies have survived to this day, when a piece appears at an auction, it quickly sells for a lot of money, reaching 150-350 thousand dollars.

We also have several copies in our country, one of which operates in the National Museum of Technology in Warsaw. The Enigma retrieved from the Baltic Sea, however, is not in the best condition and requires a lot of restoration work. According to the head of the state archaeological office of the Schleswig-Holstein region, Ulf Ickerodt, the machine will be restored by experts from the national museum, but it is a very delicate process, especially desalination after 70 years in the Baltic Sea, so it will certainly take about a year.

Later, the machine will be on display in the museum, admiring the achievements of famous scientists who managed to break it. And although the person of Alan Turing, called the father of artificial intelligence and modern computers, is most often mentioned in this context, the participation of a team of Arts and Cinema cryptologists, i.e. Marian Rejewski, Henryk Zygalski and Jerzy Różycki, cannot be forgotten.

Samsung heralds new folding and retractable displays in smartphones for 2021

Samsung heralds new folding and retractable displays in smartphones for 2021Smartphones with flexible folding displays are apparently not enough for the Korean manufacturer, because he is still working on more and more complicated and intricate designs.

Samsung may have just unintentionally announced some of its future devices, because the Samsung Display blog has sketches presenting devices with unique displays, where the Galaxy Fold seems completely classic. One of the graphics shows a smartphone that largely resembles the model mentioned above, but folds in one more place, so instead of one hinge we have two (at the moment it is difficult to imagine, because manufacturers still have a problem with this element, but maybe Samsung finally has a patent for it). What's more, this arrangement eliminates the need for an additional display after folding the device, because in this case one of the parts remains on top, serving as a classic telephone.

The second project is equally interesting, because it is a retractable display that, looking at the graphics, will fit in a tube the size of a larger pen. However, taking into account the fact how thin the panel must be, it will not surprise us MEDIA JOKER all if it is necessary to use it as shown in the graphic, i.e. flat on the desk. Anyway, the device is very interesting, mainly because of its mobility - after folding it you can fit it anywhere, and after unfolding you have a large tablet. And although Samsung has not revealed whether it is planning such devices in particular, it seems completely natural - especially since manufacturers are increasingly turning to such fun with the form, and users are becoming more and more convinced of all innovations. It is also worth noting that we can see one of such devices faster than we think, because Samsung has already submitted a patent application for a triple foldable display, which in addition is equipped with a slide-out keyboard.

Will it be possible to fake the American moon landing in 2024? [MOVIE]

Will it be possible to fake the American moon landing in 2024? [MOVIE]Many conspiracy theorists believe that humanity has never been on our planet's natural satellite and does not have the technology to do so. Have the Moon movies been faked?

NASA has hundreds of photos and videos from the Apollo mission to the Silver Globe that you have surely seen many times in your life. There are those who believe that all the films and photos were prepared in Hollywood studios. Some time ago, Nvidia published footage on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission celebrated last year. The footage is actually a fake recording of the Eagle landing and the first steps of astronauts on the moon. The goal of Nvidia engineers was to show the cutting-edge CGI techniques and render them with RTX technology. The effect is breathtaking, but you don't need to be a specialist to see that this is just a visualization and not a real recording.

Specialists point out that we are dealing here with the most advanced animation of this type that has ever been created. Interestingly, they do not hide that they were initially afraid to share it, because the fake film could be distributed as real and cause unnecessary confusion. If the Apollo movies were made in Hollywood, not on the moon, then the specialists had a very easy task.

Now the attempt to falsify the reality of the 2024 moon landing Hollywood Thinker part of the Atremis mission must be done with the help of computer techniques. However, looking at the still quite inaccurate animations / visuals, especially in terms of lighting, we can safely assume that many more years will pass before CGI technologies, supported by artificial intelligence, will allow us to generate such realistic graphics that it will be difficult for us to distinguish fiction from reality and deceive us that we are dealing with a real recording.

So we can sleep soundly. Conspiracy theorists will have to come up with a much more compelling story than in the Apollo program, which will explain that the American flight to the moon from the surface of the flat Earth did not take place at all. In this case, DeepFake technology is of little use.