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Divers found the legendary Enigma at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. See what looks like

Divers found the legendary Enigma at the bottom of the Baltic Sea. See what looks likeA group of German divers found a unique find in the Baltic Sea, namely a machine used by the Nazis to send coded messages during World War II.

The Enigma, because it is what we are talking about, was fished out from the Baltic Sea and transferred to the museum for the necessary conservation works. Interestingly, however, this was not the purpose of the work of the divers who, commissioned by the WWF environmental group, scoured the sea in the vicinity of Gelting Bay in search of abandoned fishing nets. - A colleague swam and said: there is a net with an old typewriter - says the leader of the divers Florian Huber in an interview with the DPA agency. It quickly turned out that they had stumbled upon a unique specimen, which they had rightly identified as a historical artifact, and immediately notified the appropriate authorities.

Only that it was not a typewriter, but an Enigma, one of those encryption machines used by the Germans during World War II that kept the Allies awake at night. Jann Witt of the German Naval Association suggests that it is an Egyptian shipmaker most likely thrown overboard of a German warship during the last days of the war, because famous Nazi submarines used newer and more complex 4-rotor models. Nevertheless, the find is still impressive, because although some copies have survived to this day, when a piece appears at an auction, it quickly sells for a lot of money, reaching 150-350 thousand dollars.

We also have several copies in our country, one of which operates in the National Museum of Technology in Warsaw. The Enigma retrieved from the Baltic Sea, however, is not in the best condition and requires a lot of restoration work. According to the head of the state archaeological office of the Schleswig-Holstein region, Ulf Ickerodt, the machine will be restored by experts from the national museum, but it is a very delicate process, especially desalination after 70 years in the Baltic Sea, so it will certainly take about a year.

Later, the machine will be on display in the museum, admiring the achievements of famous scientists who managed to break it. And although the person of Alan Turing, called the father of artificial intelligence and modern computers, is most often mentioned in this context, the participation of a team of Arts and Cinema cryptologists, i.e. Marian Rejewski, Henryk Zygalski and Jerzy Różycki, cannot be forgotten.

Samsung heralds new folding and retractable displays in smartphones for 2021

Samsung heralds new folding and retractable displays in smartphones for 2021Smartphones with flexible folding displays are apparently not enough for the Korean manufacturer, because he is still working on more and more complicated and intricate designs.

Samsung may have just unintentionally announced some of its future devices, because the Samsung Display blog has sketches presenting devices with unique displays, where the Galaxy Fold seems completely classic. One of the graphics shows a smartphone that largely resembles the model mentioned above, but folds in one more place, so instead of one hinge we have two (at the moment it is difficult to imagine, because manufacturers still have a problem with this element, but maybe Samsung finally has a patent for it). What's more, this arrangement eliminates the need for an additional display after folding the device, because in this case one of the parts remains on top, serving as a classic telephone.

The second project is equally interesting, because it is a retractable display that, looking at the graphics, will fit in a tube the size of a larger pen. However, taking into account the fact how thin the panel must be, it will not surprise us MEDIA JOKER all if it is necessary to use it as shown in the graphic, i.e. flat on the desk. Anyway, the device is very interesting, mainly because of its mobility - after folding it you can fit it anywhere, and after unfolding you have a large tablet. And although Samsung has not revealed whether it is planning such devices in particular, it seems completely natural - especially since manufacturers are increasingly turning to such fun with the form, and users are becoming more and more convinced of all innovations. It is also worth noting that we can see one of such devices faster than we think, because Samsung has already submitted a patent application for a triple foldable display, which in addition is equipped with a slide-out keyboard.

Will it be possible to fake the American moon landing in 2024? [MOVIE]

Will it be possible to fake the American moon landing in 2024? [MOVIE]Many conspiracy theorists believe that humanity has never been on our planet's natural satellite and does not have the technology to do so. Have the Moon movies been faked?

NASA has hundreds of photos and videos from the Apollo mission to the Silver Globe that you have surely seen many times in your life. There are those who believe that all the films and photos were prepared in Hollywood studios. Some time ago, Nvidia published footage on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 mission celebrated last year. The footage is actually a fake recording of the Eagle landing and the first steps of astronauts on the moon. The goal of Nvidia engineers was to show the cutting-edge CGI techniques and render them with RTX technology. The effect is breathtaking, but you don't need to be a specialist to see that this is just a visualization and not a real recording.

Specialists point out that we are dealing here with the most advanced animation of this type that has ever been created. Interestingly, they do not hide that they were initially afraid to share it, because the fake film could be distributed as real and cause unnecessary confusion. If the Apollo movies were made in Hollywood, not on the moon, then the specialists had a very easy task.

Now the attempt to falsify the reality of the 2024 moon landing Hollywood Thinker part of the Atremis mission must be done with the help of computer techniques. However, looking at the still quite inaccurate animations / visuals, especially in terms of lighting, we can safely assume that many more years will pass before CGI technologies, supported by artificial intelligence, will allow us to generate such realistic graphics that it will be difficult for us to distinguish fiction from reality and deceive us that we are dealing with a real recording.

So we can sleep soundly. Conspiracy theorists will have to come up with a much more compelling story than in the Apollo program, which will explain that the American flight to the moon from the surface of the flat Earth did not take place at all. In this case, DeepFake technology is of little use.

Tesla will build another record-breaking powerbank in Australia called Big Battery

Tesla will build another record-breaking powerbank in Australia called Big BatteryThe state of Victoria, neighboring South Australia, has just announced its partnership with the American giant, the result of which will be a colossal 300-megawatt powerbank, twice the size of the one installed at the said neighbor!

All to stabilize the electricity network and to provide a renewable energy storage, because, as we know, Australia is the leader in similar solutions, e.g. solar energy. Literally a few days ago, we wrote that the already mentioned South Australia broke all records, because for a short time on Sunday, October 11, it was fully powered by solar energy, and moreover, most of it was generated by consumer solar systems mounted on roofs. Returning, however, to the Victorian Big Battery Megapack, as the huge battery will be called, will be built near Geelong, some 70 kilometers south-west of Melbourne.

It will be an energy storage with a capacity of 300 MW and a capacity of 450 MWh, which is three times the size of the first such project built in Australia by Tesla in 2018, because at that time we were talking about a 100 MW power bank with a capacity of 130 MWh, which was recently enlarged to 150 MW. . Tesla has already announced that this time it is not going to rush and make 100-day promises (in the event of failure to meet the deadline it was to build the whole for free), so the new installation will not start until the end of next year. Geelong, as you can easily guess, was not chosen by chance, because we are talking about a location well connected with wind farms on the south coast, huge solar installations north of Victoria and with transmission lines connecting most of the state and the national electricity grid.

The installation is paid for by a French renewable energy company, i.e.Neoen, which already manages, among others the largest solar farms in Australia. Residents of the state of Victoria will pay for the use of this modern solution in their electricity bills, but as experience from South Australia shows, in practice this means a reduction, not an increase in fees. Also because this option allows coal-fired power plants to operate in a more allaboutmovies and predictable mode, responding to the suddenly increased demand of the Big Battery. It is also a great support for the local renewable energy market, acting as a buffer store for wind, solar and other renewable energy that is not always generated when it is needed.

Will South Australia's immediate success and financial savings lead other governments to consider building massive energy storage? It's hard to say, but let's hope it will be so, because as the Australian example shows, it is one of the ways to reduce coal-fired energy and, in general, to effectively manage the grid. Big Battery facilities can quickly change their function from storing energy to sending it to the power grid - when the demand for electricity is low and power plants produce its excess, the warehouse is charged with cheap energy, and when the demand is high, it gives it back.

5G in Plus from January included in the price of each subscription. It's a sin not to take advantage of

5G in Plus from January included in the price of each subscription. It's a sin not to take advantage ofThe Plus Internet Christmas promotion is about to start. The operator announced a fantastic offer for all those who will decide on the new Plus internet offer from the beginning of January. It looks great.

Plus ensures that people who choose each of the new subscriptions will have access to the fast 5G network. 5G will be available to them for the entire duration of the contract, and at the highest speeds. The operator currently offers the fastest and most extensive access to the future network in our country. More cities will soon be within its reach.

In the new Christmas promotion, Plus decided to double all customers gigabyte packages for the duration of the entire contract in three types of subscription, namely starting from PLN 40. Now customers can count on: 90 GB in a subscription for PLN 40, 120 GB for PLN 50 and 200 GB for PLN 70.

But it is not everything. New customers will get one moviesfront free, and customers who decide to change their current operator to Plus will be exempt from fees for the first 3 months. However, if they choose a subscription for PLN 70, they will be able to use the TIDAL service for free for 24 months.

Plus also informs that in 2021 more Polish cities will be covered by the super-fast 5G network, and 4G / LTE will appear in areas where there was no coverage so far or it was very slow. The operator boasts that more and more customers are switching from other networks to Plus. In most cases, customers are encouraged by an extensive 5G network.

Artificial intelligence is great at detecting CoVID-19 only by listening to the cough

Artificial intelligence is great at detecting CoVID-19 only by listening to the coughWe have just learned about the new AI, which may be the basis of a smartphone application that helps in the early detection and diagnosis of a disease caused by SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus.

In the current situation, an ordinary cough often becomes a cause for fear, because not only does it cause concern about Covid-19, but also often provokes unfriendly glances from people around us, colleagues, friends or other customers in stores. Soon, however, we may have a tool that will allow us to quickly assess what type of cough we are dealing with. And we're talking about an artificial intelligence developed by MIT researchers that has been trained to recognize cough typical of Covid-19, even if it's the only symptom that occurs.

Scientists admit that the task was not easy, because neural networks have to detect very subtle features of covid cough, and for this one is not enough. One has been delegated to detect volume-related sound, the other listens to emotional states reflecting neurological changes, such as elevated levels of frustration, and the third measures changes in respiratory performance. In addition, there is also an algorithm in action that searches for signals of muscle degradation, e.g. weakened cough reflex and informs about a complex picture of the tested person's health.

In early texts, the discussed AI could boast impressive effectiveness - the model was trained on tens of thousands of cough and voice samples, resulting in the recognition of 98.5% of coughs in people with confirmed Covid-19. What's more, it also identifies 100% of people who were apparently asymptomatic. Of course, there are some limitations to this technology and it is not, for example, dedicated to diagnosing people with a full range of symptoms, because they may have other conditions that give similar symptoms, such as the flu. Most importantly, however, we are not talking about any theoretical possibilities, but a solution that scientists are already trying to turn into a user-friendly smartphone app that could be a good screening tool to fight the coronavirus pandemic. How is it supposed to work? Just cough near your phone and it can judge whether the cough indicates Covid-19 - scientists also believe that if such solutions were implemented in listening mode, we could deal with the pandemic faster, but this in turn raises privacy concerns users.

There are 300 million habitable planets in our galaxy

There are 300 million habitable planets in our galaxyBased on data from the Kepler Space Telescope in search of Earth-like extrasolar planets and the Gaia mission, scientists suggest that our galaxy has many habitable planets.

According to NASA, the SETI Institute and other international organizations, up to 300 million, but the ongoing research is not only calculating the number of potentially habitable planets, but also providing a key factor in the Drake equation to determine how many extraterrestrial civilizations may exist at all. It was proposed by Dr. Frank Drake in the 1960s and has since been the most popular equation in the search for extraterrestrial civilizations that could potentially communicate with Earth via a radio signal.

The equation is based on several factors, such as the rate of star formation in our galaxy, the percentage of stars that have planets, the average number of planets in the star's habitable zone, i.e. on which life may arise, the percentage of planets in the habitat on which life will arise, percentage inhabited planets where life will develop intelligence, the percentage of civilizations that will want to communicate with humanity, and the average lifetime of such civilizations. Only none of them are certain - some are general estimates and others pure guesses. In effect, the Drake equation estimates that there are between one and 100 million technological civilizations in our galaxy. Not very helpful, right?

To improve these calculations a bit, scientists decided to use the data of the Kepler Space Telescope, which is looking for extrasolar planets, and make at least one of the equation factors more reliable, namely the number of planets in the Galaxy. To answer this question, they studied exoplanets about the size of Earth, orbiting sun-like stars (age and temperature) and habitable (keeping water in liquid). These are similar assumptions as in previous studies, but the condition of habitability has been refined, because now not only the distance from the star is taken into account, but also the amount of light reaching the planet. Thanks to this, we already know that our galaxy has up to 300 million potentially habitable planets, some as close as 30 light years from Earth. This number may change both ways as we get to know the atmospheres of these planets better, but for now it is just like that, and it cannot be denied that it is impressive.

Such amazing new rockets will appear in the sky in 2021

Such amazing new rockets will appear in the sky in 2021Next year, companies from around the world will conduct maiden flights of their new multi-purpose missiles. Among them will be the most powerful vehicles in human history. See them all.

It may seem that few rockets are being built from scratch in the world today, but nothing could be more wrong. There are a lot of rockets at the very advanced stage of production. In a moment you will be able to see all of them closely and learn almost everything about them.

The most interesting releases of next year are undoubtedly Starship from SpaceX, Space Launch System from NASA and New Glenn from Blue Origin. There will also be smaller missiles from the United States, China and Russia. All of these rockets look great, but the space industry will have a hard time when Starship hits the sky.

SpaceX intends to cut the launches of this more powerful rocket to just $ 2 million. If it succeeds, Elon Musk and his people can finish off many companies from around the world that offer incomparably more expensive rocket launches and with a much smaller load. So the year 2021 promises to be very interesting.

South Australia is completely solar powered. This is called ecology

South Australia is completely solar powered. This is called ecologySolar panels and the energy obtained with their help are becoming more and more popular, but never before have we had a chance to completely meet the energy needs of a large area ...

However, this was the case in South Australia, a state occupying an area of ​​1 043 514 km², inhabited by over 1.5 million citizens - admittedly only for a short period of time, but 100% of the energy demand satisfied by solar panels is still very impressive . This unique event took place on sunny Sunday, October 11, when the weather provided ideal conditions for the entire state to rely only on solar energy for an hour between noon and 1 p.m. - it is worth emphasizing that most of the energy was generated by solar systems installed on roofs.

This form of energy is very popular in South Australia, where as many as one-third of houses have roofs covered with solar panels - in 2020 alone, as many as 2,500 such systems were added. In total, we are talking about 288,000 solar installations on the roofs, which generated 992 MW of energy during the hour mentioned, more than three times the amount of energy from large solar farms, which generated 313 MW of energy. Never before has an area as large as South Australia operated entirely on solar energy, 77% of which came from consumer rooftop solar systems, boasts Audrey Zibelman, CEO of the Australian Energy Market Operator.

It must be emphasized here that this is yet another "attempt" to break the record by South Australia, which reached the previous milestone not much earlier, on September 13, then drawing 89% of its energy demand from solar energy, from which roof systems generated for the first time 900 MW. And if you believe the predictions of the Australian Energy Market Operator (AEMO), such dependence on solar energy could become a reality here: - South Australia is experiencing a boom in the installation of solar roof systems. AEMO anticipates an additional 36,000 installations over the next 14 months, which means that solar energy alone from the roofs will be able to meet 100% of the demand. It is truly a phenomenon on a global scale - adds Zibelman.

Laser and hypersonic weapons will go to futuristic destroyers

Laser and hypersonic weapons will go to futuristic destroyersThe Pentagon relies on hypersonic missiles and a powerful laser weapon, which will appear, among others aboard the new futuristic destroyers. The goal is to maintain domination of the seas and oceans.

The number one enemy of the United States, i.e. China, is expanding its naval fleet faster and faster. Since the Middle Kingdom does not consider the countries of the South China Sea, occupying their islands and building their bases there, the US must keep its finger on the pulse and secure the interests of itself and its allies there. This is to help, among others a fleet of ultra-modern Zumwalt destroyers.

The Pentagon informs that they will soon be equipped with powerful laser cannons and hypersonic missiles. Thanks to them, US Navi will gain a huge advantage over China. The information disclosed shows that these are laser cannons with a power of up to 250 kW and hypersonic Prompt Strike missiles with a speed exceeding 6,000 km / h.

Currently, General Atomics and Boeing are conducting preliminary tests of Hight Energy Lasers. Recently, the US Navy has made a video available on the global network, where we can see a demonstration of high-energy laser weapons on a landing ship. We are talking about the modern USS Portland vessel. The test was carried out during exercises in the Pearl Harbor area in the Pacific Ocean.

The military targeted a fairly large unmanned aerial vehicle. The LWSD MK 2 MOD 0 laser knocked it down during the flight only 3 seconds after the aiming and releasing the beam. The weapon was designed and built by the American arms concern Northrop Grumman. The Pentagon wants to equip most of the warships in its large fleet with such powerful weapons within a few years.

But it is not everything. The US aviation is also testing the SHiELD anti-missile laser, which will be on board fighters. Its use primarily assumes the neutralization of enemy missiles, both air-to-air and surface-to-air relations. According to the creators of this solution, as long as everything is fine with the laser on the fighter, it will not pass any projectile, allowing for effective control of the airspace.

Hypersonic missiles will also be an important element in the construction of a protective shield for the air and sea fleets. The Pentagon relies not only on small missiles that will go to warships, but also on nuclear weapons. The company SpaceX, which will build rockets capable of carrying such weapons around the world in just 1 hour, is to help in the implementation of this vision.