After Rambo 5 criticism If the Sylvester Stallones new synchronous voice

After “Rambo 5” criticism: If the Sylvester Stallone’s new synchronous voice?

Sylvester Stallone’s new synchronous voice in “Rambo 5: Last Blood” was criticized as inappropriate for the theatrical release of some fans. A YouTuber has now repeated after a trailer – and comes in the video amazingly close to the original approach.

Fans German movie dubbed versions swear their hero on certain, mostly long ancestral spokesman. Understandable, but the effect is a figure often much to do with their voice. Therefore, many fans also criticized for “Rambo 5: Last Blood” new German voice, which belongs to the famous actor Jurgen Prochnow ( “Das Boot”) Sylvester Stallone. Who had taken over since “Creed II” the helm of Thomas Dannenberg, whom many fans still for Stallone spokesman par excellence.

In response to the differences between the two voices and the proposal of some disgruntled fans now the professional TV speaker and YouTuber Christopher Karatsonyi has a “Rambo 5” provided Trailer with new voice:

For comparison, here is the original trailer:

Could Stallone’s spokesman change again?

Christopher Karatsonyi whose YouTube channel otherwise rather revolves around cars, explained in the accompanying such resynchronised videos but also why he is despite vocal resemblance to the old Stallone spokesman Dannebergplatz hardly come as a new voice in question. “I will synchronize Sylvester Stallone? The answer is definitely ‘no’. [The reasons are] Vitamin B, then there is Jürgen Prochnow already, now as set speaker because now there, point out. ”

The professional broadcaster, who lends his voice among other commercials and cooking shows, is indeed a big fan of Thomas Dannenberg, but also loses about Jürgen Prochnow any bad words. With his voice the roles Stallone’s already a long history that is – he dubbed the actor already for “Rocky” and “Rocky II”.

“Rambo 5: Last Blood” will be released on January 31, 2020 on DVD and Blu-ray. Watch previous Rambo’s on fmovies

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