Arnold Schwarzenegger over the violence in Dark Fate It does not mean Terminator The Babysitter

Arnold Schwarzenegger over the violence in “Dark Fate”: “It does not mean ‘Terminator: The Babysitter'”

After “Terminator: Genisys” deals for Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Dark Fate” back to the roots of the series – and not only in content. As we told the Austrians in the interview that they had learned from the mistakes of the recent past.

There is only one “Terminator” movie without Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Salvation” – and it should stay, at least for now. but the action icon is now back with the creator of the series, James Cameron and co-star Linda Hamilton together the first time since the groundbreaking second part of 1991 brings “Dark Fate Terminator”. After nearly three decades, it is in fact above all the story of Sarah Connor, which is continued in “Terminator 6”.

Particularly decisive here, even for Schwarzenegger: “Dark Fate” includes not only the content of “Terminator 2” …

FILM STARTS: How was it to slip again in your most iconic role for you?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: I was delighted from the moment on me as James Cameron brought closer to the story of the film and made it clear that Linda is back with us.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

I was just always been a fan of Linda. It has redefined the standard for female action hero in 1984 [with “Terminator”] and later [with “Terminator 2”]. Something not there was before. Of course there are Wonder Woman and similar supernatural heroines, but you can not compare well. And I think it will remain unmatched forever.

FILM STARTS: It is almost unbelievable, and to see Linda again together in front of the camera. But even after more than 35 years, you realize that the chemistry between you is just right …

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Definitely. It’s just so great with her, because we are so different. Even in interviews: I need only to look at and think to myself how great it is because she has such a different way of living and thinking. She spends on the set Although very much time for yourself every now and then I could with my Austrian hazelnut brandy but curls out of her room to the evening sometimes sit together and talk together.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

FILM STARTS: Is it true that you have prepared for you on your ranch with shooting practice in Terminator regalia on the film?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Yes, just so I know how it feels outfit in the movie later. In addition, it helps get rid of the blinking when firing. Often you can not just different, even if you try to suppress it. But if you fire a day thousand rounds two, three weeks, believe me – then you do not blink.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

A “Terminator” movie must be hard

FILM STARTS: When I was in September 2018 on the set, it was said that you were not sure if they would release the film with an R rating or a PG-13 rating in the cinemas. How did it come ultimately to a decision?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: We have learned it and listened to the fans what you to: easily missed “Terminator Genisys”. We have said that the studio already at that time, but you would not listen to us. It only said: “That does not mean anything. We already know what we do. “I mean, how stupid you can be that ?! Even worse than just being stupid to be stupid and pretend as if you are smart.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Both Fox and Paramount were great respect “Dark Fate”. A “Terminator” movie will not be a PG-13 movie, but takes a certain hardness and with everyone and everything is pushed aside, which stands in the way of even madness. Only in this way devastation can occur. It does not mean “Terminator: The kindergarten” or “Terminator: The Babysitter”.

FILM STARTS: Will we get to see after the “Terminator” -Comeback now even a “Conan” movie?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: I hope so closetomovies. I hope that there will be a “Conan” and also a “Twins” movie, “Triplets”. These are two films that just lie to my heart.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

“Terminator: The Dark Fate” will run from October 24, 2019 in Germany in the cinema.

“Terminator: The Dark Fate” will run from October 24, 2019 in Germany in the cinema.

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