No “Baywatch 2”: That’s why the sequel with Dwayne Johnson will never exist

Even before “Baywatch” with Dwayne Johnson and Zac Efron was released in 2017, a second part was planned. Nevertheless, “Baywatch 2” will never come, which the leading actor The Rock has already confirmed.

The once most successful series in the world as a model and also one of the largest current film stars in the main role, with which much becomes box office gold – before the movie release of ” Baywatch ” (2017) with  Dwayne Johnson , everything actually indicated a hit.

But after the film reboot of the cult series fell through with the critics (18 percent with Rotten Tomatoes, 37 with Metacritic), it was largely ignored by the moviegoers. Especially in the United States, Baywatch generated a disappointing $58 million.

The fact that the film did not become a colossal flop was mainly due to Europe. So, a total of $177 million was raised, which is still not enough to justify a continuation with a pure production budget of $70 million (plus marketing costs etc.).

Tickets for just under $42 million were sold in movie theaters in Germany, France and the UK alone.


Until shortly after the US theatrical release, a second part was still being aggressively flirted with , the authors Damian Shannon and  Mark Swift had already had a “great story”  in their heads.

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However, after the movie put down a belly smack in the USA, it was understandably completely silent about the sequel plans. And already in spring 2018 Dwayne Johnson gave the whole thing a final rejection: “There is no chance on God’s green earth, under God’s hot sun, that we will ever make a sequel to ‘Baywatch’. That won’t happen, ”the mega-star didn’t leave any back doors open at the time.


Nevertheless, he does not regret “Baywatch”. “We had a lot of fun and did it with good intentions. If we had done it right, it could have been great, ” admits Johnson. We doubt that, because it would have needed a much better script, but at least the ex-wrestler can still gain something positive from the whole thing: “I learned valuable lessons from ‘Baywatch’. Unfortunately, only after the film was released. “

“Baywatch”, in which, in addition to Dwayne Johnson, Zac Efron, Alexandra Daddario, Kelly Rohrbach,  Jon Bass as well as David Hasselhoff and Pamela Anderson can be seen in short cameos, can be seen on TV this Sunday, February 2nd.