Quite unexpected announcement of a new console from Microsoft. Here the Xbox X Series

Yesterday’s awards The Game Awards 2019 brought many exciting announcements, but one completely stole the whole show, and it comes with the trailer revealing the look of Microsoft’s next-gena.Lecturers The Game Awards 2019 announced for some time, they have a lot of news for us, but did not disclose the new Xbox nobody expected. Meanwhile, the event began with just such a strong accent, and although we have some doubts about the name of the new console, because it is not too catchy, it’s probably quickly cease to pay attention to it, like it was her code name, Project or Scarlett.Let’s get right to it, namely the design of the new Xbox, because really we have the opportunity to watch it the first time, and this is highly surprising. The console does not resemble its predecessor because neither competitor, because instead of a flattened “box” rather get kind of “tube” in a square. This means that the Xbox X-Series is much higher than you might expect (in my mind we can already see problems with it under TV) and more like some of compact PC solutions than the console. But we are considering its components should this at all surprising? Not at all, especially if we look at the power of the new console, which has been shown using material from Senua’s Saga II Hellblade filmed on the engine, which you can see above. Yes, by the way, we learned that recently purchased by Microsoft studio Ninja Theory, is preparing to continue his hit, which will be the occasion of the start of the new console title. I just look at the trailer to see that both the continuation Hellblade and Xbox X-Series, we have many good things to offer.In the case of the console it happens thanks to a new graphics architecture from AMD RDNA, as well as the “latest” processor family paired Zen 2 of 6 GB of RAM GDDR6. All this is to make the console will support ray tracing in real time gameplay and in the 4K resolution at 60 frames per second. Microsoft also mentions that the equipment will provide support to the resolution of 8K to 120 frames, although it seems a bit exaggerated announcement, corresponding technology for minimizing input lag and ultra-fast SSD of a new generation, which has virtually eliminated load times of games.What’s more, we do not have to worry about our current collection of games, because Microsoft promises backward compatibility with the thousands of production of the four-generation Xbox, and recalls that the compatibility also retain all the giant gaming accessories with the Xbox One, eg. The first generation falls Elite. Besides, we can count on the transfer of records between the states game consoles, and the console will still have the physical drive, so it probably is not the moment in which the industry moves to digital editions. At the end of yet another important message, namely the release date, although this could not look different … end of next year.