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Stream only in August Amazon Prime Video is removing these masterpieces and cult films from its program

Stream only in August: Amazon Prime Video is removing these masterpieces and cult films from its program

From the trash grenade with Arnold Schwarzenegger to the slimy sci-fi horror by David Cronenberg – you can only see numerous highlights for a short time with your Prime subscription.

On Amazon Prime Video * you will not only find numerous in-house productions such as “Die Weite der Nacht” or relatively current highlights such as the Oscar winner “Parasite”, but also a lot of classics that you may never have seen or have not seen for a long time – or want to look again and again anyway.

For a few days, however, the streaming platform has been listing some of them in the list of films that are only included in the Prime subscription for a maximum of 30 days. In most cases, however, it is not yet specified when exactly the films will be dropped from the range (as of August 7, 2020) – and that’s a good thing. Because that means that it won’t be that time in the next few days.

These masterpieces are about to disappear from Prime

We’ll start with those films that we would like to recommend to you – and that scored particularly well in the review. With a click on the respective film title you come directly to Amazon, where you can put the desired film on your wish list.

“Bube, Dame, König, grAS” * Rainier land classic gangster film by cult director Guy Ritchie – 4.5 stars

“Jack, Queen, King, grass” *

“The Dead Zone” * – atmospheric fantasy horror with Christopher Walken – 4.5 stars

“The Dead Zone” *

“Angel Heart” * – in the truest sense of the word a rousing trip to hell with Robert De Niro – 4.5 stars

“Angel Heart” *

More films with cult potential

“The Arrival” * – 90s science fiction with Charlie Sheen

“The Arrival” *

“The Moving Man” * – Ralf König film adaptation with Til Schweiger, which at the time drew over six million viewers to German cinemas (only available until August 9th on Amazon)

“The moved man”*

“Bitter Moon” * – Roman Polanski’s nightmarish thriller about an obsessive love

“Bitter Moon” *

“The Prince’s Bride” * – one of the fantasy classics of the 80s

“The Prince’s Bride” *

“The Idiot” * – Jim Carrey comedy in which lies are forbidden

“The idiot” *

“The big food” * – Italian scandal satire from the 70s

“The big eat” *

“Hercules in New York” * – trashy film debut by Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Hercules in New York” *

“The Kickboxer” * – Martial arts action with Jean-Claude Van Damme

“The Kickboxer” *

“Shivers – Parasite Murderer” * – Sci-Fi horror by genre old master David Cronenberg

“Shivers – Parasite Killer” *

“Die for Beginners” * – deep black tragic comedy about life and death

“Die for Beginners” *

“Timecop” * – Sci-Fi action with Jean-Claude van Damme

“Timecop” *

“Tucker – A Man and His Dream” * – tragic comedy by “The Godfather” director Francis Ford Coppola

“Tucker – A man and his dream” *

Dark – 10 questions we still ask after the finale

At the end of season 3 of Dark, most of the questions asked by the German series over the years find an answer, more or less clear, but an answer nonetheless. If you are not sure if you understood the very end, do not hesitate to read our article on the subject. If you want a complete analysis of the themes and concepts covered by the series, we also have what you need. There are however a certain number of gray areas, which we will not be able to elucidate, but which we will deliver to you for reflection. Do not hesitate to discuss in the comments!
But by the way, how did Adam come to the conclusion that his child was “the origin”? It is never said and yet it is crucial. What was his thought process? What clues could he find? Furthermore, the burn on Adam’s face is not directly explained, but we hear from a dialogue that it was the many time travel that would have had this effect on his face. However, he seems to be the only one to have suffered so much… Unless it is more about his attempts with the machine, more than the trips themselves?
Why can’t we kill people in the past? As for example when in season 2, Noah tries to kill Adam, in vain.
Despite the ties of kinship which unite all the characters, we see that nature has been lenient with them, and has not generated deformations or degenerations which however occur in general in cases of endogamy. On this scale, it is all the more astonishing!
The scar motif comes up regularly in the series, without anyone really knowing what it means, if there is one. Adam’s son has a hare’s beak, Bartosz’s daughter has a scar on her face, Martha is disfigured by Eva, Franciska ends up one-eyed… A divine punishment?

Who is the author of the little book Sic Mundus, which tells the whole story of Winden and its inhabitants? You can make lots of assumptions, but you can’t know the answer for sure.

Who is the wife of Helge Doppler and therefore the mother of Peter Doppler, her son? Here is a character who never appears.
Is there a specific reason why Helge and Noah use little boys to operate the time machine in the bunker?
In season 2, the arc around Alexander who was investigating his brother led to nothing and was not mentioned afterwards. An oversight? It must have been hard to believe. Just a plot to artificially lengthen the sauce? More likely.
In the last scene, Torben Wöller stops to explain how he injured his eye… but a power cut disrupts the meal and when the light comes back, the subject is no longer mentioned . It probably doesn’t matter much, but at the same time the writers knowingly make the choice not to explain it…
And then, by the way, how did the famous dark matter get to Winden? It is a bit at the base of everything finally… Watch all seasons on 123STREAMS

After Iron Man 3 and 4 Avengers Robert Downey Jr will return once again as Tony Stark

After “Iron Man 3” and “4 Avengers”: Robert Downey Jr. will return once again as Tony Stark!

Tonight running “Iron Man 3” on television – ask and there will again million viewers: Was that really now finally with Robert Downey Jr. in Marvel Cinematic Universe? It is now clear: No, there is probably something else!

This article is a reprint of a message dated 15 November 2019 we have re-released at the free TV broadcast of “Iron Man 3”.

The departure of Iron Man aka Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) in “Avengers 4: Endgame” seems pretty final – especially since he then also still in “Spider-Man: Far From Home” was mourned extensively.

The chances that the largest (and bestverdienende) Marvel Star will return again for an appearance in the MCU so that seemed very low. Of course, in a comic universe anything is possible, just think of Agent Coulson’s long career after his demise in “The Avengers”. But with a return of Iron Man, the MCU would probably lose too much of its credibility – and it is only an appearance actually comes in a prequel (or in flashbacks and dream sequences) in question. Iron Man Online on Free2Watch.

The chances that the largest (and bestverdienende) Marvel Star will return again for an appearance in the MCU so that seemed very low.

Or so we thought at least so far …

We will hear something about Robert Downey Jr.

But what if …?

This is a question that we will in the MCU in the future more frequently places. Because in two years should on the streaming service belonging to the MCU animated series “Marvel’s What If …?” Start. The series is about to go through all sorts of mind games and to show what would have happened if known key moments in the Marvel universe would have been different.

In the series, so there will be a reunion with many well-known figures from the MCU – and the corresponding actors are their known roles while “… Marvel’s What If?” Synchronize in itself.

In the series, so there will be a reunion with many well-known figures from the MCU

When Tony Stark or Iron Man?

So far has not officially announced which are MCU hero all in “Marvel’s What If …?” Make an appearance, but Robert Downey Jr. is obviously definitely there. How do we know that? Because “Thor 3” has blabbed -Star Jeff Goldblum apparently in an interview! The Grand Master performer has in fact simply tells that in his episode of “Marvel’s What If …?” Robert Downey Jr. and Taika Waititi will be heard:

Not answered, however, is the question to which what-if scenario it will go in the corresponding episode – and can also predict not know if Robert Downey Jr. in Man, as Tony Stark or as both show up as Iron becomes. Be that as it may, the voice of Robert Downey Jr. in an MCU-animated series is better than no Robert Downey Jr. – and very, very possibly he dives were yet at some point for a final guest appearance in the live-action MCU.

and therefore can not yet predict whether Robert Downey Jr. It will show up as Tony Stark or both is as Iron.

“Iron Man 3” is running this Sunday at 23.20 on ProSieben. “Marvel’s What If? …” to be launched on Disney in the summer of 2021 +.

“Marvel’s What If? …” to be launched on Disney in the summer of 2021 +.

After Rambo 5 criticism If the Sylvester Stallones new synchronous voice

After “Rambo 5” criticism: If the Sylvester Stallone’s new synchronous voice?

Sylvester Stallone’s new synchronous voice in “Rambo 5: Last Blood” was criticized as inappropriate for the theatrical release of some fans. A YouTuber has now repeated after a trailer – and comes in the video amazingly close to the original approach.

Fans German movie dubbed versions swear their hero on certain, mostly long ancestral spokesman. Understandable, but the effect is a figure often much to do with their voice. Therefore, many fans also criticized for “Rambo 5: Last Blood” new German voice, which belongs to the famous actor Jurgen Prochnow ( “Das Boot”) Sylvester Stallone. Who had taken over since “Creed II” the helm of Thomas Dannenberg, whom many fans still for Stallone spokesman par excellence.

In response to the differences between the two voices and the proposal of some disgruntled fans now the professional TV speaker and YouTuber Christopher Karatsonyi has a “Rambo 5” provided Trailer with new voice:

For comparison, here is the original trailer:

Could Stallone’s spokesman change again?

Christopher Karatsonyi whose YouTube channel otherwise rather revolves around cars, explained in the accompanying such resynchronised videos but also why he is despite vocal resemblance to the old Stallone spokesman Dannebergplatz hardly come as a new voice in question. “I will synchronize Sylvester Stallone? The answer is definitely ‘no’. [The reasons are] Vitamin B, then there is Jürgen Prochnow already, now as set speaker because now there, point out. ”

The professional broadcaster, who lends his voice among other commercials and cooking shows, is indeed a big fan of Thomas Dannenberg, but also loses about Jürgen Prochnow any bad words. With his voice the roles Stallone’s already a long history that is – he dubbed the actor already for “Rocky” and “Rocky II”.

“Rambo 5: Last Blood” will be released on January 31, 2020 on DVD and Blu-ray. Watch previous Rambo’s on fmovies

Ant-Man 3 Peyton Reed returns as director for Marvel sequel

“Ant-Man 3”: Peyton Reed returns as director for Marvel sequel

Good news for all “Ant-Man” fans: After last was still uncertain whether the story of the smallest Marvel heroes continues in another solo adventure, now is clear: “Ant-Man 3” is – with Peyton Reed as a director!

In “Avengers 4” fought Scott Long known as Ant-Man (Paul Rudd) last in the crucial “Endgame” at the side of his many superhero supporters. Thus, it is for the quantum-time travelers in the Marvel Cinematic Universe but by no means over: As The Hollywood Reporter, the ants Man Goes “Ant-Man 3” back in a third solo adventure to the big screen with.

As The Hollywood Reporter reported
versa, “Ant-Man 3” back in a third solo adventure to the big screen the ant man.

Although a possible continuation stood for some time in the room, but so far seemed to plan to “Ant-Man 3” not to go ahead really. Compared to other Marvel solo films “Ant-Man” went and “Ant-Man And The Wasp” about just solid at the box office and are also available already – with u. a. “The Eternals” – to get some other heroes in the starting blocks in the MCU to the train.

Nevertheless, now also seems to be a place for another “Ant-Man” movie to have found in the steadily growing among mastermind Kevin Feige universe. Fans may therefore breathe and also appreciate the also confirmed the first of Personnel …

Peyton Reed returns as director

In the director’s chair takes place Peyton Reed, who also “Ant-Man” from 2015 and the sequel was responsible for “Ant-Man And The Wasp” (2018) again. A screenwriter has meanwhile yet to be found and filming is probably to be expected before the end of the 2020th

Undoubtedly, however, to assume that Paul Rudd returns to his role as Scott Lang and with him Evangeline Lilly Wasp at his side, even if officially so far no one from the ranks of performers confirmed moviesfront.

We also assume that both Michael Douglas and Michelle Pfeiffer reprise their roles as Hank Pym and Janet Van Dyne again, as Michael Pena, david dastmalchian and Tip ‘T.I.’ Harris Scott’s buddy Luis, Kurt and Dave.

When does “Ant-Man 3”?

Phase 4 of the MCU is Ant-Man probably expose. “Black Widow” (release date: April 30, 2020) on “The Eternals” (release date: November 5, 2020) to “Thor: Love And Thunder” (Release date: 28 October 2021) and a few more adventures with both known and new Marvel faces, the next starts are already set.


The perfect secret So completely different the story ends in the original

“The perfect secret”: So completely different, the story ends in the original!

“The perfect secret” is a remake of the Italian audience hit “Perfect Strangers” from the year 2016. The films are similar, although very strong, even some scenes almost word for word, but the end of the two versions is completely different.

Warning: spoilers for “The perfect secret”!

Warning: spoilers for “The perfect secret”!

At the end of “The perfect secret” have come to light (almost) all the secrets, lies, and deception dark side of the seven protagonists: the teacher Pepe (Florian David Fitz) is gay. Leo (Elyas M’Barek) and Carlotta (Karoline Herfurth) are unhappy with their parental-work arrangement and is cheated with a playground acquaintance.

Simon (Frederick Lau) has cheated Bianca (Jella Haase) and even an affair with a breast augmentation aspiring psychotherapist Eva (Jessica Schwarz) had. While Eva is the wife of Simon’s close friend Rocco (Wotan Wilke Möhring) who has secretly started psychotherapy, although he always said to his wife, such therapies are nonsense.

Happy ending for the German market

But “The perfect secret” does not end, despite all these revelations on a gloomy or tragic note. Instead, director and screenwriter Bora Dagtekin ( “Turkish for Beginners”, “F * ck You, Goethe” trilogy) is still attached a series of more or less happy ends, in which then it turn the vast majority of problems still change for the better:

But “The perfect secret” does not end, despite all these revelations on a gloomy or tragic note.

Leo and Carlotta stay together and replace back into traditional gender roles, which is why she goes again with the kids to the playground and there Leos affair granted a cathartic removal. Pepe and forgives his buddies, although primarily Simon has meanwhile turned out to be homophobic idiot after the three of them have beaten a homophobic father of one of Pepes students hospitalized epicmovienews.

Now you could say that the Sun is just in comedies. They just usually an all-around happy ending. But in this case Dagtekin leads with the finale the satirical core of the substance downright absurd – unlike the way the Italian original “Perfect Strangers” or callable on Netflix French remake “Le Jeu – Nothing to Hide”, both with a wonderful end revealing, beautifully evil final punch.

unlike the way the Italian original “Perfect Strangers” or callable on Netflix French remake “Le Jeu – Nothing to Hide”, each ending with a wonderfully revealing, beautifully evil final punch.

So different is the end of the original

In “Perfect Strangers” and “Nothing to Hide” is in fact at the end out that the game with the mobile phones has absolutely never happened, but was rejected after the first proposal immediately from the others. The seven “friends” have thus never really got their cell phones on the table and read all incoming messages and calls connected to speakers. all the lies remain instead of this spring back in action continued in secret.

In “Perfect Strangers” and “Nothing to Hide” is in fact at the end out that the game with the phones at all never happened

The revealed during the previous 90 minutes, the audience secrets are nevertheless true what (in the next scene after the twist in the French version a pair of leaves arguing the apartment and when it arrives at your door down, it’s suddenly as the game never happened, has what might have something to do with the special moon constellation on the night) also becomes clear immediately: There are again secretly sent nude photos and colleague the taxi service is indeed pregnant.

The revealed during the previous 90 minutes, the audience secrets are nevertheless true

the audience so suddenly knows more about the characters than themselves. While in the round suddenly everything is “good” again, the audience knows that there just a couple of pretty Unsympathen spent the evening together, which probably ever just friends with each other can because they do not know the secrets of others.

While in the round suddenly everything is “good”, the audience knows that there just a couple of pretty Unsympathen spent the evening together

Ever an interesting idea: Could you be friends with someone when you actually know all about him and his ideas? In “The perfect secret” exists thanks to the added happy endings a unique but little convincing answer: Yes, no problem at all! The previous films demanding audience seeing that a whole corner out more.


The Walking Dead theory Is He a spy for the Whisperers

“The Walking Dead” theory: Is He a spy for the Whisperers?

The Whisperers have since season 9, the major threat in “The Walking Dead”. But they could be the hero of the show even more dangerous if the theory is true that they have infiltrated a spy among them …

The tenth season of “The Walking Dead” and the discussion of the Whisperers is a reminder of the Cold War, the Western powers between the late 1940s and the late 1980s led to the Eastern bloc. As a semi-subtle metaphor Showrunnerin Angela Kang and her team therefore built into the first episode of Season 10 and a Soviet satellites:

“Thematically we wanted a war that feels a bit more like the Cold War, and that the Whisperers our people constantly have in mind – a satellite felt for the right metaphor for on,” said Kang Comic Book.

But what would not fit well with the Cold War issue? Correct: Spies! And a currently circulating, according to theory, could such have actually crept in Alexandria.

This is behind the “Walking Dead” theory

In the prelude to the current “The Walking Dead” season we learn Dante (Juan Javier Cardenas) know the attractive and charming new assistant of doctor Siddiq (Avi Nash). But a handful of reasons to believe that behind the glittering facade lies dormant a dark and dangerous secret.

Siddiq panic attacks: After the rammed in Season 8 for series physicians was kidnapped by the Whisperers and then watch had like ten of his companions were brutally murdered (including Enid and Tara) and beheaded, he is suffering from a posttraumatic stress disorder. This manifests itself in flashbacks that make Siddiq hard to create.

Siddiq panic attacks:

Before such haunts him in the first episode of the season, the camera zooms suspiciously close to Dante’s mouth approach, asking at this moment no less suspicious manner, “So, what’s with this thing Whisperer?”

Known to be the mouth next to the eye is the only part of the face that is visible bearing on the masks villains – Dante may have been present with mask, as Siddiq was abducted by the Whisperers and he recognized this subconsciously at this moment, what triggered the flashback ?

The trailer for Season 10: In the published in the summer trailer for the latest tv review of “The Walking Dead” -Season we see in a moment how Daryl (Norman Reedus) suggests a man’s face. This could be either Dante. The background looks namely quite look as this scene would play in the infirmary of Alexandria, where Dante uses Siddiq and the white clothes and the dark, slightly longer hair would suit him. And if it should really turn out that the series is a new addition Whisperer spy, that would be always a good reason for Daryl to beat him to a pulp.

The trailer for Season 10:

A very different than Dante in the comics? Also in the presentation of Robert Kirkman Dante happens – though he has there a completely different storyline. He is a good-hearted people of the Hilltop and later becomes the love interest of Maggie. By their absence in the series, the makers but were persuaded to change the figure. USO has the producer Denise Huth against Radio Times explains. “It was fun to introduce such a great character from the comics in a very different way”

A very different than Dante in the comics?

Of course, they could thus really only think like the character is brought into the series. But maybe they have it – even to surprise the comic book reader – indeed converted into villains. It would not be the first time that a character from the original in the series is someone completely different.

Dante will play an important role: And finally, there is the statement of Angela Kang that Dante will play in Season 10 “an important role in the history of Alexandria.” Also this course, he must be a spy, but mainly due to the first two notes, it seems to us currently to actually be the most plausible option.

Dante will play an important role:

Whether the newcomer finally really turns out to be one of the masked villains, we will know in the coming weeks or months. It continues with “The Walking Dead” on Monday, 28 October, from 21:00 on Sky.


Rating for Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark The FSK decision is a tangible surprise

Rating for “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark”: The FSK decision is a tangible surprise!

The horror film produced by Guillermo del Toro puts on handmade nostalgic horror rather than blood or brutality. Therefore, the German FSK Certificate is quite surprising and is also too strict failed for our taste.

The published in the nineties, usually only one page long “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” in North America knows just about every child. It really is no surprise: Not only is the collection of short stories immensely popular, it also comes from the children’s book author Alvin Schwartz. When the “The Shape Of Water” Oscar-winning Guillermo del Toro (as a producer) and André Øvredal have made (as a director) because the implement Stories for the cinema, they have turned to “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” a movie which is already much straight-creepy than as “goose bumps”, which nevertheless passes for Family Horror.

And that has also paid off in the US: With its PG-13 release “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” has lured there also a lot of aspiring horror fans to theaters. At the end is gathered a box office of almost $ 100 million in North America alone. In Germany, however it could be the film now have much more difficult, because the FSK trust the child-friendly horror apparently not quite on the way and has now made the decision to release him only for an older audience:

In Germany “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” has received an FSK released from 16 years Arts and Cinema.

In Germany “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” has received an FSK released from 16 years.

That’s why the decision is such a pity

Now adult horror fans can of course delighted that the film is not as harmless apparently as they were afraid of the PG release in the US might. But the thing is just, “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” is not comparatively family compliant because the makers would deliberately hold back, it’s him, because they also have plate shock or cheap power spikes simply not necessary. “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” is a “a pretty homage to the traditional American horror stories” and a “nice old school of horrors with a great sixties flair, lovable hero and perfectly staged shock moments” as we in the official FILM STARTS Write criticism.

That would have been the perfect chance to introduce younger viewers to the genre – without them having to set before sterile, boiled, heruntergedampfte for her age fare. But now allowed the 13 to 15 year old youth, for the “Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” would actually have been the perfect Halloween movie, not the movies. But at the latest on DVD and Blu-ray may then yes enscheiden parents – and in this case they should there quietly turn a blind eye, because with “Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark” FSK is unusual in light of the case law in recent years been severe.

That would have been the perfect chance to introduce younger viewers to the genre
without them having to set before sterile, boiled, heruntergedampfte for her age fare.

“Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark” will run from October 31, 2019 in German cinemas.


Arnold Schwarzenegger over the violence in Dark Fate It does not mean Terminator The Babysitter

Arnold Schwarzenegger over the violence in “Dark Fate”: “It does not mean ‘Terminator: The Babysitter'”

After “Terminator: Genisys” deals for Arnold Schwarzenegger in “Dark Fate” back to the roots of the series – and not only in content. As we told the Austrians in the interview that they had learned from the mistakes of the recent past.

There is only one “Terminator” movie without Arnold Schwarzenegger, “Salvation” – and it should stay, at least for now. but the action icon is now back with the creator of the series, James Cameron and co-star Linda Hamilton together the first time since the groundbreaking second part of 1991 brings “Dark Fate Terminator”. After nearly three decades, it is in fact above all the story of Sarah Connor, which is continued in “Terminator 6”.

Particularly decisive here, even for Schwarzenegger: “Dark Fate” includes not only the content of “Terminator 2” …

FILM STARTS: How was it to slip again in your most iconic role for you?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: I was delighted from the moment on me as James Cameron brought closer to the story of the film and made it clear that Linda is back with us.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

I was just always been a fan of Linda. It has redefined the standard for female action hero in 1984 [with “Terminator”] and later [with “Terminator 2”]. Something not there was before. Of course there are Wonder Woman and similar supernatural heroines, but you can not compare well. And I think it will remain unmatched forever.

FILM STARTS: It is almost unbelievable, and to see Linda again together in front of the camera. But even after more than 35 years, you realize that the chemistry between you is just right …

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Definitely. It’s just so great with her, because we are so different. Even in interviews: I need only to look at and think to myself how great it is because she has such a different way of living and thinking. She spends on the set Although very much time for yourself every now and then I could with my Austrian hazelnut brandy but curls out of her room to the evening sometimes sit together and talk together.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

FILM STARTS: Is it true that you have prepared for you on your ranch with shooting practice in Terminator regalia on the film?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: Yes, just so I know how it feels outfit in the movie later. In addition, it helps get rid of the blinking when firing. Often you can not just different, even if you try to suppress it. But if you fire a day thousand rounds two, three weeks, believe me – then you do not blink.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

A “Terminator” movie must be hard

FILM STARTS: When I was in September 2018 on the set, it was said that you were not sure if they would release the film with an R rating or a PG-13 rating in the cinemas. How did it come ultimately to a decision?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: We have learned it and listened to the fans what you to: easily missed “Terminator Genisys”. We have said that the studio already at that time, but you would not listen to us. It only said: “That does not mean anything. We already know what we do. “I mean, how stupid you can be that ?! Even worse than just being stupid to be stupid and pretend as if you are smart.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

Both Fox and Paramount were great respect “Dark Fate”. A “Terminator” movie will not be a PG-13 movie, but takes a certain hardness and with everyone and everything is pushed aside, which stands in the way of even madness. Only in this way devastation can occur. It does not mean “Terminator: The kindergarten” or “Terminator: The Babysitter”.

FILM STARTS: Will we get to see after the “Terminator” -Comeback now even a “Conan” movie?

Arnold Schwarzenegger: I hope so closetomovies. I hope that there will be a “Conan” and also a “Twins” movie, “Triplets”. These are two films that just lie to my heart.

Arnold Schwarzenegger:

“Terminator: The Dark Fate” will run from October 24, 2019 in Germany in the cinema.

“Terminator: The Dark Fate” will run from October 24, 2019 in Germany in the cinema.