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Stream only in August Amazon Prime Video is removing these masterpieces and cult films from its program

Stream only in August: Amazon Prime Video is removing these masterpieces and cult films from its program

From the trash grenade with Arnold Schwarzenegger to the slimy sci-fi horror by David Cronenberg – you can only see numerous highlights for a short time with your Prime subscription.

On Amazon Prime Video * you will not only find numerous in-house productions such as “Die Weite der Nacht” or relatively current highlights such as the Oscar winner “Parasite”, but also a lot of classics that you may never have seen or have not seen for a long time – or want to look again and again anyway.

For a few days, however, the streaming platform has been listing some of them in the list of films that are only included in the Prime subscription for a maximum of 30 days. In most cases, however, it is not yet specified when exactly the films will be dropped from the range (as of August 7, 2020) – and that’s a good thing. Because that means that it won’t be that time in the next few days.

These masterpieces are about to disappear from Prime

We’ll start with those films that we would like to recommend to you – and that scored particularly well in the review. With a click on the respective film title you come directly to Amazon, where you can put the desired film on your wish list.

“Bube, Dame, König, grAS” * Rainier land classic gangster film by cult director Guy Ritchie – 4.5 stars

“Jack, Queen, King, grass” *

“The Dead Zone” * – atmospheric fantasy horror with Christopher Walken – 4.5 stars

“The Dead Zone” *

“Angel Heart” * – in the truest sense of the word a rousing trip to hell with Robert De Niro – 4.5 stars

“Angel Heart” *

More films with cult potential

“The Arrival” * – 90s science fiction with Charlie Sheen

“The Arrival” *

“The Moving Man” * – Ralf König film adaptation with Til Schweiger, which at the time drew over six million viewers to German cinemas (only available until August 9th on Amazon)

“The moved man”*

“Bitter Moon” * – Roman Polanski’s nightmarish thriller about an obsessive love

“Bitter Moon” *

“The Prince’s Bride” * – one of the fantasy classics of the 80s

“The Prince’s Bride” *

“The Idiot” * – Jim Carrey comedy in which lies are forbidden

“The idiot” *

“The big food” * – Italian scandal satire from the 70s

“The big eat” *

“Hercules in New York” * – trashy film debut by Arnold Schwarzenegger

“Hercules in New York” *

“The Kickboxer” * – Martial arts action with Jean-Claude Van Damme

“The Kickboxer” *

“Shivers – Parasite Murderer” * – Sci-Fi horror by genre old master David Cronenberg

“Shivers – Parasite Killer” *

“Die for Beginners” * – deep black tragic comedy about life and death

“Die for Beginners” *

“Timecop” * – Sci-Fi action with Jean-Claude van Damme

“Timecop” *

“Tucker – A Man and His Dream” * – tragic comedy by “The Godfather” director Francis Ford Coppola

“Tucker – A man and his dream” *