Dark – 10 questions we still ask after the finale

At the end of season 3 of Dark, most of the questions asked by the German series over the years find an answer, more or less clear, but an answer nonetheless. If you are not sure if you understood the very end, do not hesitate to read our article on the subject. If you want a complete analysis of the themes and concepts covered by the series, we also have what you need. There are however a certain number of gray areas, which we will not be able to elucidate, but which we will deliver to you for reflection. Do not hesitate to discuss in the comments!
But by the way, how did Adam come to the conclusion that his child was “the origin”? It is never said and yet it is crucial. What was his thought process? What clues could he find? Furthermore, the burn on Adam’s face is not directly explained, but we hear from a dialogue that it was the many time travel that would have had this effect on his face. However, he seems to be the only one to have suffered so much… Unless it is more about his attempts with the machine, more than the trips themselves?
Why can’t we kill people in the past? As for example when in season 2, Noah tries to kill Adam, in vain.
Despite the ties of kinship which unite all the characters, we see that nature has been lenient with them, and has not generated deformations or degenerations which however occur in general in cases of endogamy. On this scale, it is all the more astonishing!
The scar motif comes up regularly in the series, without anyone really knowing what it means, if there is one. Adam’s son has a hare’s beak, Bartosz’s daughter has a scar on her face, Martha is disfigured by Eva, Franciska ends up one-eyed… A divine punishment?

Who is the author of the little book Sic Mundus, which tells the whole story of Winden and its inhabitants? You can make lots of assumptions, but you can’t know the answer for sure.

Who is the wife of Helge Doppler and therefore the mother of Peter Doppler, her son? Here is a character who never appears.
Is there a specific reason why Helge and Noah use little boys to operate the time machine in the bunker?
In season 2, the arc around Alexander who was investigating his brother led to nothing and was not mentioned afterwards. An oversight? It must have been hard to believe. Just a plot to artificially lengthen the sauce? More likely.
In the last scene, Torben Wöller stops to explain how he injured his eye… but a power cut disrupts the meal and when the light comes back, the subject is no longer mentioned . It probably doesn’t matter much, but at the same time the writers knowingly make the choice not to explain it…
And then, by the way, how did the famous dark matter get to Winden? It is a bit at the base of everything finally… Watch all seasons on 123STREAMS

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