Going to the cinema in times of Corona Interstellar by Christopher Nolan gives hope

Going to the cinema in times of Corona: “Interstellar” by Christopher Nolan gives hope

Cinema operators and distributors still look at far too often far too empty halls with worried expressions. But there is positive news from China through a Nolan film, while in Germany children’s films in particular continue to be popular.

“Tenet” is due to start on August 26, 2020 and with that there is great hope that there will be another hit that will attract people to the cinemas. This hope is now getting new nourishment, because another film by Christopher Nolan has now proven in China that more income is possible again.

Yesterday, Sunday, a rerun of “Interstellar” in China grossed $ 2.85 million. According to the industry magazine Deadline, this is the highest income that a single film has achieved in one day in China since cinemas reopened in some parts of the country.

Individual glimmers of hope

Above all, strong IMAX earnings for “Interstellar” and also for “The fantastic journey of Dr. Dolittle ”in China also give hope there that the cinema event is alive. There are again more people pushing YESmovies the cinemas, which in China will also be supplied with plenty of fresh Hollywood food (for them) in the next few weeks: “Sonic” and “Jojo Rabbit” have just started there, “Le Mans 66”, “1917” and “Bad Boys For Life” will follow in the next few weeks.

China is not alone in the glimmer of hope. We were recently able to report on the strong start of “Peninsula” in South Korea, where another new film, “Steel Rain 2”, has also made a strong showing. And in Spain, which was badly shaken by Corona, people went to the comedy sequel “Father There Is Only One 2”, which had the best start of the whole year so far and also at the same level as the start of the previous year, the one that followed Revenue of $ 15.4 million became the most successful domestic production in Spain in 2019.

So far there have been individual examples, but they give hope. But they also show that there is a need for attractive films that bring people back to the cinema in large numbers regionally – or in the case of “Tenet” perhaps also globally, where possible.

The situation in Germany

There are some interesting films in Germany, but none that seem to appeal to a larger and broader audience. At least children’s films are running properly: In hot summer temperatures, which cost a lot of viewers in cinemas even without Corona, “Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups” still has around 19,000 tickets sold. That is enough to top the charts before “Unhinged” and “My friend Conni – Secret about Kater Mau”, another children’s film, each with around 14,500 viewers.

“Paw Patrol – Mighty Pups” is also a good example of how films can currently be successful – with a long and solid running time. The number of visitors to the children’s film has been relatively constant for weeks, a total of around 130,000 tickets sold, a very decent number.

The coming week has some interesting new starts to offer – above all the children’s film “Max und die wilde 7”, which could appeal to a larger audience (especially with a long running time).

Especially because of longer running times and many re-performances, our tip remains: Check out what’s coming in the cinemas and what’s going on in your area on a regular basis.

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