A must for Rick and Morty fans, the sci-fi madness at Disney is completely insane

I love the insane interdimensional comedy Rick and Morty by Dan Harmon and Justin Roland. But waiting for season 5 is agony and I looked in vain for a sci-fi animation fix. But Rick personally or Rick spokesman Justin Roiland won't let me down and has conjured a new science fiction hit out of the hat.

At Disney Star, the Hulu series Solar Opposites can now also be streamed in Germany. Fans of weird humor and of course Rick and Morty shouldn't miss the insane sci-fi comedy. You haven't seen anything crazy and crude on Disney.

Sci-fi sitcom from the Rick and Morty creator: This is what Solar Opposites is all about

A year has passed since the aliens Terry and Korvo with their replicants Yumyulack and Jesse and the cuddly pupa stranded on earth. Your planet Shlorp has been destroyed and the earth should serve as a new home. To do this, it must first be destroyed and terraformed according to the Shlorp model. Unfortunately, your spaceship is broken and needs to be repaired beforehand.

You can watch the trailer for Solar Opposites here:

Meanwhile, the small Shlorp family settles in the American suburbs to get to know human life better - GOLDMOVIES hopes that their pupa will not take on its true shape in the meantime and destroy everything. This is where science fiction meets classic sitcom tropes, when the aliens experience new insane events one after another.

At first glance, the plot of Solar Opposites seems strangely familiar and like a mixture of Behind the Moon on the left and Invader Zim with a large pinch of Rick and Morty. The series Solar Opposites created by Justin Roiland also evokes some déjà-vus visually.

With the typical voice of Rick Sanchez (Roiland is one of the main characters) and the characteristic style of animation including wobbly pupils, we have here a Rick and Morty variation in the sitcom genre, which could also have sprung from interdimensional cable television.

Solar Opposites is raw science fiction fun for Rick and Morty fans

Rick and Morty fans in particular can have a lot of fun with Solar Opposites. Because in addition to the external similarities, the typically rough and bloody humor as well as the dizzying narrative speed find their way into Justin Roiland's new series. Only the burp humor has been removed, which I very much appreciate.

The rapid gag fireworks and the constant bombardment of pop culture references to series and films (including weird homages to Green Room and Prestige) is simply fascinating and rousing. Especially as a horror fan, I was also amused by the bloody splatter madness when, for example, an alien protective suit breaks a horde of Nazi rockers into their individual parts.

What fans shouldn't expect from Rick and Morty, however, is the sophisticated (multi) worldbuilding or the tragedy and depth of a character like Rick Sanchez. But that's not what I expect from a crazy sci-fi sitcom, either. But it doesn't work entirely without creative social criticism.

My highlight of the series is the ingenious subplot about a society of shrunken people who live in a wall of terrariums in the bedroom of the alien replicants. The plot finally culminates in a special and epic standalone episode that is in no way inferior to the brilliant Rick and Morty episode Atlantis Is Only Once a year.

Rick and Morty, Futurama and Final Space and recently also Solar Opposites are enthroned on my Olympus of animated science fiction comedies. And the pupa is in good company next to Mooncake and Nibbler.

Even more solar opposites: replenishment comes faster than Rick and Morty

If you are excited about Solar Opposites on Disney, then you needn't worry about looking up. In the USA, the 2nd season starts on March 26, 2021 on Hulu with 8 fresh episodes.

Thanks to Disney Star, these should also soon be seen in Germany. A third season with 12 new episodes is also in the works and will be shown in 2022. Rick and Morty fans are definitely not used to such fast replenishment.

Season 1 of Solar Opposites kicked off on February 23, 2021 on Star on Disney. A new episode appears every Friday. All 8 episodes served as the basis for this series check.

Solar opposites and more: This is what awaits you at Star on Disney

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Have you checked out Solar Opposites? What is your impression of sci-fi comedy?