Global failure of Google. Millions of people cannot log into the services Today there has been a global failure of Google services. This is an unprecedented event in the history of the company and the Internet. Users report that they cannot use any of the services offered by the concern.

The global failure occurred today after 12:30 Polish time. If you have a Gmail or YouTube account, you won't be able to log in. Google has not yet issued a statement on this matter. We can guess that the giant's team is sweating to control the tragic situation.

From the DownDetector website, we can learn that there are problems with connections and servers in almost all key metropolises in the world, which is why millions of people around the planet cannot log in to the services and use them. On Twitter, "Google", "

It is not known what happened, but it is quite TV Review that the biggest cyber attack on Google in history took place. As it really is, we'll find out soon. Let's just hope that the criminals will not again find out confidential information about the users of the giant's services.