Hyundai bought Boston Dynamics. Famous robots will go to the Korean army This is another piece of news in recent days, which clearly shows that the future of this type of machines will primarily be related to the army and their use in various military operations.

Boston Dynamics is known around the world for the production of its yellow robot dog called Spot and a white humanoid robot called ATLAS. Both devices are currently the most advanced in the world. It is these inventions that have set the direction for the development of intelligent robots in recent years.

From the very beginning, the goal of the engineers at Boston Dynamics was to build robots to improve people's lives. They were to support the medical services and become our friends who will visit our homes. Unfortunately, Japanese SoftBank, the current owner of the company, decided to sell it because it does not bring such profits as its authorities would like.

The Spot and Atlas will now go to the Korean Hyundai. The company is active in various industries, including robotics. The Koreans make no secret that they want to change the robot development profile. Their goal is to adapt them to Movie sider in the armies, where they will support soldiers on the battlefields. The army has large funds, so it is also a great source of profit.

SoftBank sold Hyundai's 80 percent stake (controlling interest) in Boston Dynamics for $ 920 million. Now engineers from the three companies will start working together not only on the further development of the robot-dog Spot, the ATLAS humanoid and the robot Handle, but also intend to initiate new projects that will allow the construction of devices more related to, for example, automotive and logistics, all with a view to about the needs of the army and services.