Marvel screwed up the most spectacular WandaVision twist - but it's still the best MCU reveal

Warning, there are spoilers at the end of the 7th episode of WandaVision: The cat is out of the bag. In episode 7, WandaVision not only delivers a grandiose Modern Family homage, but also the best Marvel twist to date.

Although the real identity of neighbor Agnes (Kathryn Hahn) has been an open secret since the beginning, the witch's breakup is one of the most creative and best-staged revelations in the Marvel Cinematic Universe since Thanos' snapped fingers in Avengers 3.

Known for 5 months: the Agatha Harkness twist was too obvious

Wanda's quirky and curious neighbor is actually the witch Agatha Harkness. For me as a keen Marvel fan, the reveal comes as no surprise - and it's Disney's own fault. Already in the first trailer for WandaVision we saw Agnes laughing maliciously in her Halloween witch costume from episode 6.

Here's our video recap for WandaVision episode 7:

Disney and Marvel planted the idea in our heads from the start that Agnes - a trunk word of the name Agatha Harkness - could be an iconic Marvel witch who secretly manipulates Wanda's sitcom reality. Knowing this, the Agatha clues were way too obvious in the first few episodes. Here are some examples:

WandaVision made no secret of Agnes' true identity with many other allusions for comic fans. She always knew a little too much about her situation and indirectly drove a wedge between Wanda and Vision.

And it is precisely these expectations that make the final confirmation at the dark end of episode 7 the (so far) best moment of the Marvel series for me.

Agatha Harkness: The biggest WandaVision twist was ingeniously implemented

The moment Wanda walked into the basement of Agnes' house, it was clear to me that the big reveal that I've been waiting for since episode 1 will happen right in front of my eyes. As befits a real cinematic villain, Agnes steps into the picture while she pats her pet Scratchy with relish and diabolicality.

As the words "My name is Agatha Harkness." sound, all my fan expectation culminates in a euphoric scream - more of a loud squeak. But that's not supposed to be it. In the best playful WandaVision manner, a musical series intro (in which Kathryn Hahn sings!) To the actual series follows: It was Agatha from the beginning!

With a catchy tune from hell and a lot of camp, Agatha's manipulation as the director of WandaVision is revealed to us. This creative staging turns all my expectations on their head and makes me quickly forget that this villain reveal was far too predictable.

And from now on Kathryn Hahn can spin completely freely in her game. Cant wait to see more of her wicked mage - who was actually Wanda's ally in the Marvel comics.

But Agatha Harkness has the sweet terrier mix Sparky on her conscience - and is proud of it! Even Thanos wasn't that bad and cruel. And that has wiped out half of all life.

Agatha Harkness and the credits scene: WandaVision raises a lot of new questions

Full of euphoria about the catchy Agatha twist, I almost turned it off right at the beginning of the (still) far too long stremio I almost missed the first credits scene in WandaVision. In it, Monica discovers access to Agatha's cellar and is surprisingly stopped by Pietro - how many more twists can this series actually have?

Although we finally have an answer as to whether there is still a dark force behind Wanda's reality, the new episode raises many more questions for which I need answers as soon as possible:

WandaVision is now saying goodbye to the sitcom episodes. Based on scenes from previous trailers that have not yet been shown, a flashback episode could await us next week with episode 8, which comes up with many answers before the grand finale to the epic battle between the Westview witches and another epic Marvel villain- Revelation is coming.

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