Star Wars can't exist without Game of Thrones: now it's really official

Anyone who recently looked around the Star Wars universe will have discovered one or the other familiar face from Westeros. Pedro Pascal in The Mandalorian, Emilia Clarke in Solo and Gwendoline Christie in The Force Awakens: There is no other franchise that has garnered as many Game of Thrones stars as Star Wars in recent years.

Game of Thrones star Indira Varma joins the Obi Wan series

Obi-Wan Kenobi marks the latest Star Wars project that has picked an exciting name for itself from the cast of the successful HBO series. As Deadline reports, Indira Varma joins the cast around Ewan McGregor and Hayden Christensen. In Game of Thrones, she was seen as Ellaria Sand and thus played a key role in the Dorne storyline.

This is not very popular with Game of Thrones fans, but even more so with those responsible at Lucasfilm. Jessica Henwick appeared in The Force Awakens, one of the so-called sand snakes. And then of course there is the aforementioned Pedro Pascal, who embodied the lover of Ellaria Sand with Oberyn Martell and is now roaming the galaxy as Din Djarin.

It is unclear what role Varma will play. Since she is the first notable cast member of the Obi Wan series apart from McGregor and Christensen, the chances are good that her part is an important figure. Fans speculate that in flashbacks she is as Satine Kryze, Obi-Wan's great love, or villain Asajj Ventress could occur.

All the Game of Thrones stars in Star Wars movies and series

We used Varma's involvement in the Obi Wan series as an opportunity to take a look at the cast lists of the last Star Wars films and series and to filter out all the Game of Thrones actors *. There are a few.

Game of Thrones stars in Star Wars 7

Game of Thrones stars in Star Wars 8

Game of Thrones stars in Star Wars 9

Game of Thrones stars in Rogue One

Game of Thrones stars in solo

Game of Thrones stars in The Mandalorian

Game of Thrones stars in Star Wars Rebels

The fact that so many Game of Thrones actors appear in the Star Wars universe is no coincidence, but can - at least in part - be traced back to an important name: Nina Gold. The casting director decided on every cast in Westeros and zxc oversaw some of Disney's Star Wars films.

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Who is your favorite Game of Thrones star in the Star Wars universe?