Volkswagen built an autonomous robot for easy charging of electric vehicles We drive up to the charging station with our Volkswagen electric car and do not bother connecting the charger. This friendly looking robot will do it for us.

The R2-D2 for electricians is currently in the prototype phase, but the concern is already testing it extensively at several charging stations for electric vehicles, both in its home town of Wolfsburg and in several cities in China where the vehicles are very popular. Volkswagen representatives announced that the first robots will appear in commercial use in a few months.

The robot is in fact a mobile powerbank, in which energy was previously stored for charging vehicles with a battery capacity of approx. 50-70 kWh. It is a very practical solution. Thanks to it, energy can be stored, and when there is a grid failure or overload, electric vehicles will not be grounded, but can be recharged normally.

It is not known whether such autonomous robots can be purchased for their own needs and use them in their own garage, but experts are sure that such a solution has a bright future ahead of it. If we have a photovoltaic panel system on the roof of the house, the energy from them can go to the robot during the day, be stored in it, and charge the vehicle at night, thanks to which we will not waste the energy obtained when we are away from home and we will not load the grid at night when electric vehicles charge the lion's share of their happy owners.

Other companies around the world are also working on similar solutions. A few years ago, Tesla showed its robot. Elon Musk said that the electrics charging cyber handset will appear at the company's stations, but so far nothing of the sort has happened and it is unlikely to change any time soon. Apparently, Americans do not have any problems with plugging the plug into the vehicle, and even for them it is a kind of pleasure.