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Good news for Suits fans Spin-off Pearson is finally coming to Germany

Good news for “Suits” fans: Spin-off “Pearson” is finally coming to Germany

While Netflix subscribers will have to wait a little longer before “Suits” continues, fans of the series can look forward to an early supply – the spin-off “Pearson” is finally coming to German television.

Since July 18, 2020, the eighth season “Suits” can finally be seen on Netflix – or at least part of it. While ten episodes of the latest season are available for download on the streaming platform, the remaining six episodes are still a long time coming. And if you handle the publication the same way as with season 7, it won’t even continue until spring 2021.

Die-hard fans of the tie wearers should probably be through with the series bite that was served last week. But don’t worry, you won’t sit on dry land for too long – because supplies are already on their way:

The “Suits” spin-off “Pearson” will finally run in Germany from September 21, 2020.

The “Suits” spin-off “Pearson” will finally run in Germany from September 21, 2020.

Universal TV shows the series as a German TV premiere and will then broadcast a double episode every Monday cmovies 9 p.m. With the original trailer you can already get an approximate picture of the series:

That’s what “Pearson” is about

Change of scenery in series format: while the original series revolves around a law firm in New York, the spin-off goes to Chicago – where there is a reunion with an old friend.

In the center of “Pearson” is namely the eponymous lawyer Jessica Pearson (Gina Torres), who gives the title and is known from “Suits”, who has to grapple with merciless power struggles and corruption while she stands up for the citizens who need help.

After season 1 it’s over again

You shouldn’t get too close to the “Suits” offshoot. While the original series still had nine seasons (a tenth is no longer to follow), “Pearson” was discontinued after only one season.

And since this comes to just ten episodes and Universal TV always shows two of them one after the other, the season or series finale will rise after five weeks at the end of October.

Game Of Thrones sends its regards Cursed on Netflix has its own coffee mug moment

“Game Of Thrones” sends its regards: “Cursed” on Netflix has its own coffee mug moment

The final season of “Game Of Thrones” not only caused a lot of discussions at the end, but also with a small production-related faux pas. Something similar has happened in the new Netflix hit “Cursed”.

The eighth and final season of “Game Of Thrones” is known to split the fan base. Before the actual conclusion, strangely enough, something completely different caused a lot of discussion material on the Internet in the season: In episode 4, a modern coffee mug placed in front of Daenerys caught the eye for a moment, which definitely did not belong there (the faux pas has since become digital afterwards away).

Such small film and series errors creep into productions every now and then, after all, with works of this size, you can’t always pay attention to everything. In a story set in a medieval fantasy setting (which also has an audience of millions), such mishaps are of course particularly noticeable – and so it is now also with “Cursed – The Chosen One” …

A cling film is the new coffee mug

During a conversation between Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård) and Lady Lunette (Polly Walker) in episode 5 of “Cursed” (from about minute 44) on the lavishly LOSMOVIES table in front of the latter you can clearly see a cling film with a blue border or a clasp does not go well with the surroundings, which are mainly filled with festive delicacies. And actually it can be seen in the picture a lot longer than the infamous “GoT” coffee mug at the time:

During a conversation between Merlin (Gustaf Skarsgård) and Lady Lunette (Polly Walker) in episode 5 of “Cursed” (from about minute 44) on the lavishly laid table in front of the latter you can clearly see a cling film with a blue border or closure

Later shots in the scene, in which there is no trace of it, indicate that the foil was probably left there by mistake:

It now remains to be seen whether Netflix will correct this little slip – similar to the “Game Of Thrones” makers – or whether it will simply be retained as a charming anachronism.

In any case, of course, the whole thing doesn’t detract from the success of “Cursed”. The series has held its own at the top of the daily Netflix top 10 of the currently most watched content on the streaming platform since it was released a week ago.

Waiting for The Old Guard 2 on Netflix It may take longer

Waiting for “The Old Guard 2” on Netflix: It may take longer

One of the most exciting panels at Comic-Con @ Home 2020 so far is Charlize Theron’s review of her action career. But the Netflix sequel “The Old Guard 2” was not talked about – to the disappointment of many fans. For good reason…

Many fans expected that Charlize Theron would announce “The Old Guard 2” at Comic-Con @ Home 2020. But the actress didn’t talk about a possible Netflix sequel at all.

At the end you will find the video of the conversation about the formative experiences of discrimination at “The Italian Job”, her particular pride in “Mad Max: Fury Road” and how the experience with “Atomic FMovies changed her understanding of action cinema, choreography and editing this message.

But first of all we want to tell you why it was not surprising that “The Old Guard 2” has not yet been announced – and the sequel may even be a bit long in coming.

But first of all we want to tell you why it was not surprising that “The Old Guard 2” has not yet been announced – and the sequel may even be a bit long in coming.

That’s why it takes “The Old Guard 2”

“The Old Guard” became a hit on Netflix and shot straight into the list of the ten most watched films produced by the streaming service itself. At the end a sequel is teased, which was planned from the beginning. There will even be “The Old Guard 3”.

Nevertheless, there will at least be greater gaps between the first and the second film. There are two main reasons for this.

Problem # 1: Full schedules: For the sequel, those involved in the first part should return. But director Gina Prince-Bythewood wants to shoot the film “The Woman King” first, which she is currently preparing.

Problem # 1: busy schedules:

Much more important, because it is essential, is of course Charlize Theron. And she’s one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. With “Atomic Blonde 2” she already has a specific project in the planning stage, which will probably also be developed for Netflix before “The Old Guard 2”.

Charlize Theron confirms: After “The Old Guard” comes “Atomic Blonde 2” to Netflix

This is another action film that also requires a lot of physical effort from the actress. And although they have been with “Mad Max: Fury Road”, “Atomic Blonde”, “Fast

According to the industry magazine Deadline, Theron also avoided having action-heavy roles and the associated training successive. It is to be expected that she will insert at least one other film between “The Old Guard” and “Atomic Blonde 2” and between “Atomic Blonde 2” and “The Old Guard 2”. That means “The Old Guard 2” would be a while in the future.

Problem # 2: Charlize Theron’s salary: Deadline’s industry insiders also address another problem that Netflix has to solve. Charlize Theron does not yet have a contract for a second film. And since it is needed, it is in an excellent negotiating position.

Problem # 2: Charlize Theron’s salary:

Netflix has the problem of having to dig deep into its pockets anyway. In contrast to the classic cinema studios, the streaming service cannot shift part of the risk by participating in the box office earnings. Guaranteed sums of over $ 20 million, which are now the exception for cinema projects, are paid much more frequently by Netflix.

According to the deadline, Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Gosling have already been able to call for guaranteed amounts of at least 25 million dollars for Netflix projects. Budgets grow tremendously as a result and Netflix has to carefully weigh up such projects whether one wants to do them. The industry experts at Deadline describe negotiations between Netflix and stars as particularly “complicated” because the classic movie rules cannot be applied. Such “complicated” negotiations are still pending with Theron.

Is Netflix getting a problem with big sequels?

So “The Old Guard 2” may still be a few years in the future – and fans of the expensive Netflix blockbusters should expect such long waiting times. In 2017, for example, “Bright” became the most watched film on Netflix to date, and the quickly announced sequel “Bright 2” is still not in sight. Here, too, there are similar reasons.

While Netflix can quickly knock out the smaller films such as the very latest “The Kissing Booth 2” with low budgets and (young) actors who are immediately available again, sequels for the major projects may never come in this way or only in the distant future. Therefore it is also very quiet about a “Bright 2”, a “The Old Guard 2” or a “Spenser Confidential 2” or a “6 Underground 2”, although the first films leave the stage open for possible sequels or even actively prepare and all of them were big hits for Netflix.

Even the announced “Tyler Rake: Extraction 2” is in the works, but there is still no schedule.

Charlize Theron at Comic-Con @ Home 2020

At the end we want to refer you to the video with Charlize Theron from Comic-Con @ Home 2020, which was already announced at the beginning. At the online replacement event for the Comic-Con, which is canceled this year due to the corona pandemic, Theron talks in detail about her love for action cinema and why she only got off to a great start in this genre in recent years.

She tells how few opportunities there were because she wasn’t offered action roles, how her Oscar opened up her first chances and led to “Aeon Flux”, but the failure of the film quickly made them disappear and then how with “Mad Max : Fury Road ”and“ Atomic Blonde ”changed a lot.

That wont happen to Dark Netflix knocks one of the best German series out of the program

That won’t happen to “Dark”: Netflix knocks one of the best German series out of the program

If you haven’t gotten around to watching “Dark”, you don’t necessarily have to hurry. The Netflix in-house production is permanently on the streaming platform – in contrast to another German series highlight …

The advantage of streaming over linear television is clear: You can watch films and series whenever you want – as often as you want. But only with exclusive in-house productions from streaming providers such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video * can you be sure that these are permanently available for retrieval.

With “Dark”, for example, Netflix has a real series highlight from Germany in its program, which you can still stream stress-free in the future. However, this does not apply to fmovies great formats:

“In the Face of Crime” is only available on Netflix up to and including August 14, 2020 – if you don’t know the series, you should definitely take a look.

“In the Face of Crime” is only available on Netflix up to and including August 14, 2020 – if you don’t know the series, you should definitely take a look.

That’s “In the Face of Crime”

Breaking down the story of Dominik Graf’s “In the Face of Crime” into one or two paragraphs is not that easy – because in the series a wide variety of storylines are interwoven before they are finally concluded after ten episodes.

The focus is on the Berlin police officer Marek Gorsky (Max Riemelt), who is investigating the Russian mafia together with his colleague (Ronald Zehrfeld) and at the same time is still struggling with the fact that his brother’s murderer could not be found even after ten years. On top of that, he is increasingly getting into a moral dilemma – because his sister Stella (Marie Bäumer) is married to the established mafia godmother Mischa (Mišel Matičević), who is fighting the growing gangster competition in the capital by all means …

A milestone in German series history

Despite all the complexity that “In the Face of Crime” brings with it, Dominik Graf always maintains an overview and, with the series, delivered a terrifyingly realistic, at times hard and highly atmospheric crime epic, the colleague Björn Becher after the premiere at the 2010 Berlinale directly to the “German TV highlight of the year”.

In 2014, we at also gave “In the Face of Crime” a place among the 50 best series of all time. At that time it was enough for 39th place – and a placement ahead of legendary TV highlights such as the war drama “Band Of Brothers” by Steven Spielberg and Tom Hanks, the fantasy cult “Buffy – The Vampire Slayer” and J.J. Abrams ’” Alias ​​- The Agent “.

In 2014, we at also gave “In the Face of Crime” a place among the 50 best series of all time.

In view of this, we can still give an unreserved recommendation for the series and therefore want to point out that you only have a good two weeks to watch “In the Face of Crime” on Netflix. The ten episodes are easily feasible until then.

Should you miss the series or plan to watch it from time to time – “In the face of crime” is of course also available on DVD and Blu-ray *.

Lots of news from Netflix: You can stream these 14 films starting today

Going to the cinema in times of Corona Interstellar by Christopher Nolan gives hope

Going to the cinema in times of Corona: “Interstellar” by Christopher Nolan gives hope

Cinema operators and distributors still look at far too often far too empty halls with worried expressions. But there is positive news from China through a Nolan film, while in Germany children’s films in particular continue to be popular.

“Tenet” is due to start on August 26, 2020 and with that there is great hope that there will be another hit that will attract people to the cinemas. This hope is now getting new nourishment, because another film by Christopher Nolan has now proven in China that more income is possible again.

Yesterday, Sunday, a rerun of “Interstellar” in China grossed $ 2.85 million. According to the industry magazine Deadline, this is the highest income that a single film has achieved in one day in China since cinemas reopened in some parts of the country.

Individual glimmers of hope

Above all, strong IMAX earnings for “Interstellar” and also for “The fantastic journey of Dr. Dolittle ”in China also give hope there that the cinema event is alive. There are again more people pushing YESmovies the cinemas, which in China will also be supplied with plenty of fresh Hollywood food (for them) in the next few weeks: “Sonic” and “Jojo Rabbit” have just started there, “Le Mans 66”, “1917” and “Bad Boys For Life” will follow in the next few weeks.

China is not alone in the glimmer of hope. We were recently able to report on the strong start of “Peninsula” in South Korea, where another new film, “Steel Rain 2”, has also made a strong showing. And in Spain, which was badly shaken by Corona, people went to the comedy sequel “Father There Is Only One 2”, which had the best start of the whole year so far and also at the same level as the start of the previous year, the one that followed Revenue of $ 15.4 million became the most successful domestic production in Spain in 2019.

So far there have been individual examples, but they give hope. But they also show that there is a need for attractive films that bring people back to the cinema in large numbers regionally – or in the case of “Tenet” perhaps also globally, where possible.

The situation in Germany

There are some interesting films in Germany, but none that seem to appeal to a larger and broader audience. At least children’s films are running properly: In hot summer temperatures, which cost a lot of viewers in cinemas even without Corona, “Paw Patrol: Mighty Pups” still has around 19,000 tickets sold. That is enough to top the charts before “Unhinged” and “My friend Conni – Secret about Kater Mau”, another children’s film, each with around 14,500 viewers.

“Paw Patrol – Mighty Pups” is also a good example of how films can currently be successful – with a long and solid running time. The number of visitors to the children’s film has been relatively constant for weeks, a total of around 130,000 tickets sold, a very decent number.

The coming week has some interesting new starts to offer – above all the children’s film “Max und die wilde 7”, which could appeal to a larger audience (especially with a long running time).

Especially because of longer running times and many re-performances, our tip remains: Check out what’s coming in the cinemas and what’s going on in your area on a regular basis.

Umbrella Academy Season 2 The cast was just as surprised by the ending as you

“Umbrella Academy” Season 2: The cast was just as surprised by the ending as you!

The surprise was great at the end of the second season of the Netflix series “Umbrella Academy” – both for the audience and for the cast, who had been left in the dark for a long time about the end of the season.

The heroes in “The Umbrella Academy” have just come back from their exhausting journey through time and want to toast their success, because they have to find out that the present has changed – and that the heroes no longer exist:

The group has not followed Emmett Brown’s advice in the past not to change anything, which is why the famous butterfly effect led to a superhero formation called the Sparrow Academy taking the place of the Umbrellas (the Sparrow Academy should have a big one in season 3 Role-play).

The actually (several times) dead Ben Hargreeves (Justin H. Min) is alive in the alternate reality and wonders who the hell these weird Umbrellas are, everyone looks puzzled, “Shit”, cut to the credits. Become a viewer with a fat WTF ?! Dismissed on the forehead in the waiting time until the third season “Umbrella Academy”, but the cast itself had its own element of surprise.

The cast had no idea

Justin H. Min described his situation in an interview with Collider as follows:

“When I was shooting my farewell scene with Ellen Page and Vanya, I actually thought that this would be my last scene on the series. It was a really emotional scene because Ben is saying goodbye to his family there and for me as an actor it was like saying goodbye to the show and my crew family who have grown dear to me over the past six months . I’ve even known some of the crew for two years.

We had already received the draft for the tenth episode when I was shooting my scene with Ellen, but the last three pages were missing so none of us knew about it. And then, a few weeks later, it pinged my phone because a top secret email had arrived from showrunner Steve Blackman to the seven Hargreeves children. It said, ‘Here’s the final scene. I hope you like it. ‘I remember exactly how it was. It feels like yesterday.

We had already received the draft for the tenth episode when I was shooting my scene with Ellen, but the last three pages were missing

It was 8:45 p.m. in my Toronto apartment, I read the scene and then just started screaming. I was ecstatic about coming back for another season of the show if Netflix extended the show.

3rd season very likely

Nothing should stand in the way of this extension by a third season. “The Umbrella Academy” is currently the most watched Netflix series in many countries (including Germany and the USA), thanks to the comic templates and an overview of the plot of the not yet published comics, there is enough material and the end of the second season will be yes not without reason have been designed so openly.

Justin H. Min is likely to return as Ben – possibly even as an opponent of the Umbrellas if they clash with the Sparrow Academy.

The best movies on Netflix

“Stranger Things” on the podcast

Our colleagues from Moviepilot 123movie the success of the Netflix phenomenon “Stranger Things” in the new episode of their podcast Stream Flurry and give a preview of season 4:

Does the theatrical release of Dune wobble after all Director Denis Villeneuve on the effects of Corona

Does the theatrical release of “Dune” wobble after all? Director Denis Villeneuve on the effects of Corona

“Dune” will be in the cinemas on December 17, 2020 – provided that the upcoming shooting, which was delayed due to Corona, can now be completed in a hurry. According to director Denis Villeneuve, it now needs a sprint.

While Christopher Nolan’s “Tenet”, one of the most anticipated films in 2020, will finally hit theaters on August 26th, another potential highlight has to fear its theatrical release this year.

“Dune” should start on December 17, 2020 – at least that’s currently Studio Warner’s plan. But will it ultimately stay that way? Director Denis Villeneuve (“Arrival”, “Blade Runner 2049”) now raised doubts in a detailed one.

“Dune” is scheduled to start on December 17, 2020

There are still scenes to be shot

In the almost one-hour, very informative interview, science fiction connoisseur Villeneuve now gave insights into the production of his new film, which differs in many ways from his previous work – also due to Corona.

For “Dune”, composer Hans Zimmer even skipped “Tenet”

“’Dune’ came about in an unusual way, because after the main shoot I decided to cut this part and shoot the rest of the elements later because I wanted to adjust the film again. I just needed time – a luxury I had [before the pandemic], ”said Villeneuve. “We were about to shoot these elements when the virus hit North America.”

Four and a half months before the cinema release, scenes still have to be shot that would have long been in the can if it hadn’t been for Corona.

Four and a half months before the cinema release, scenes still have to be shot that would have long been in the can if it hadn’t been for Corona.
four and a half months before theatrical release

The fact that you haven’t been able to shoot in the past few weeks and months does not mean, however, that you have been sitting idle. Work that would normally only follow in the next step could thus be brought forward in some cases.

“The effect was simply that it turned my schedule upside down. It will be a real sprint if the film is to be finished on time, ”says Denis Villeneuve, who now wants to shoot the missing shots“ in a few weeks ”and has been able to work on other elements such as the special effects in the meantime.

It will be a real sprint if the film is to be finished on time, ”says Denis Villeneuve

Even if it was said a month and a half ago that the theatrical release would probably not be in danger despite Corona, nothing should now come in between. But even if …

A cinema release in 2021? Half so wild!

If it doesn’t end with a theatrical release this year, that will of course be disappointing for many film fans – and one less gift that would be in the house at Christmas time. A postponement to the year 2021 would be relatively easy to cope with, because that would already be there if the film was released only three or four weeks later.

Also, in the end, it’s much more important that filmmakers can take the time they need to get the result they want. Denis Villeneuve in particular, who not only knows Frank Herbert’s * book, but has admired it since his youth and has already impressively demonstrated in recent years that he has mastered science fiction cinema like no other at the moment, is certainly the right man for them Adaptation – that shows the way in which he talks about his current project, his team and the art of film itself in the new interview.

Original book by Frank Herbert

The first trailer for “Dune” should come soon: XMOVIES8 in the cinema?

Whether we’re Timothée Chalamet (“Lady Bird”), Rebecca Ferguson (“Doctor Sleep”), Oscar Isaac (“Star Wars 9”), Josh Brolin (“Avengers: Endgame”), Zendaya (“Spider-Man: Far From Home “), Jason Momoa (” Aquaman “) and all the other big stars of the” Dune “ensemble will actually see them on screen this year, remains to be seen.

To get you in the mood, we have already collected the most important information about the film for you from last April: