The Walking Dead theory Is He a spy for the Whisperers

“The Walking Dead” theory: Is He a spy for the Whisperers?

The Whisperers have since season 9, the major threat in “The Walking Dead”. But they could be the hero of the show even more dangerous if the theory is true that they have infiltrated a spy among them …

The tenth season of “The Walking Dead” and the discussion of the Whisperers is a reminder of the Cold War, the Western powers between the late 1940s and the late 1980s led to the Eastern bloc. As a semi-subtle metaphor Showrunnerin Angela Kang and her team therefore built into the first episode of Season 10 and a Soviet satellites:

“Thematically we wanted a war that feels a bit more like the Cold War, and that the Whisperers our people constantly have in mind – a satellite felt for the right metaphor for on,” said Kang Comic Book.

But what would not fit well with the Cold War issue? Correct: Spies! And a currently circulating, according to theory, could such have actually crept in Alexandria.

This is behind the “Walking Dead” theory

In the prelude to the current “The Walking Dead” season we learn Dante (Juan Javier Cardenas) know the attractive and charming new assistant of doctor Siddiq (Avi Nash). But a handful of reasons to believe that behind the glittering facade lies dormant a dark and dangerous secret.

Siddiq panic attacks: After the rammed in Season 8 for series physicians was kidnapped by the Whisperers and then watch had like ten of his companions were brutally murdered (including Enid and Tara) and beheaded, he is suffering from a posttraumatic stress disorder. This manifests itself in flashbacks that make Siddiq hard to create.

Siddiq panic attacks:

Before such haunts him in the first episode of the season, the camera zooms suspiciously close to Dante’s mouth approach, asking at this moment no less suspicious manner, “So, what’s with this thing Whisperer?”

Known to be the mouth next to the eye is the only part of the face that is visible bearing on the masks villains – Dante may have been present with mask, as Siddiq was abducted by the Whisperers and he recognized this subconsciously at this moment, what triggered the flashback ?

The trailer for Season 10: In the published in the summer trailer for the latest tv review of “The Walking Dead” -Season we see in a moment how Daryl (Norman Reedus) suggests a man’s face. This could be either Dante. The background looks namely quite look as this scene would play in the infirmary of Alexandria, where Dante uses Siddiq and the white clothes and the dark, slightly longer hair would suit him. And if it should really turn out that the series is a new addition Whisperer spy, that would be always a good reason for Daryl to beat him to a pulp.

The trailer for Season 10:

A very different than Dante in the comics? Also in the presentation of Robert Kirkman Dante happens – though he has there a completely different storyline. He is a good-hearted people of the Hilltop and later becomes the love interest of Maggie. By their absence in the series, the makers but were persuaded to change the figure. USO has the producer Denise Huth against Radio Times explains. “It was fun to introduce such a great character from the comics in a very different way”

A very different than Dante in the comics?

Of course, they could thus really only think like the character is brought into the series. But maybe they have it – even to surprise the comic book reader – indeed converted into villains. It would not be the first time that a character from the original in the series is someone completely different.

Dante will play an important role: And finally, there is the statement of Angela Kang that Dante will play in Season 10 “an important role in the history of Alexandria.” Also this course, he must be a spy, but mainly due to the first two notes, it seems to us currently to actually be the most plausible option.

Dante will play an important role:

Whether the newcomer finally really turns out to be one of the masked villains, we will know in the coming weeks or months. It continues with “The Walking Dead” on Monday, 28 October, from 21:00 on Sky.


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