Waiting for The Old Guard 2 on Netflix It may take longer

Waiting for “The Old Guard 2” on Netflix: It may take longer

One of the most exciting panels at Comic-Con @ Home 2020 so far is Charlize Theron’s review of her action career. But the Netflix sequel “The Old Guard 2” was not talked about – to the disappointment of many fans. For good reason…

Many fans expected that Charlize Theron would announce “The Old Guard 2” at Comic-Con @ Home 2020. But the actress didn’t talk about a possible Netflix sequel at all.

At the end you will find the video of the conversation about the formative experiences of discrimination at “The Italian Job”, her particular pride in “Mad Max: Fury Road” and how the experience with “Atomic FMovies changed her understanding of action cinema, choreography and editing this message.

But first of all we want to tell you why it was not surprising that “The Old Guard 2” has not yet been announced – and the sequel may even be a bit long in coming.

But first of all we want to tell you why it was not surprising that “The Old Guard 2” has not yet been announced – and the sequel may even be a bit long in coming.

That’s why it takes “The Old Guard 2”

“The Old Guard” became a hit on Netflix and shot straight into the list of the ten most watched films produced by the streaming service itself. At the end a sequel is teased, which was planned from the beginning. There will even be “The Old Guard 3”.

Nevertheless, there will at least be greater gaps between the first and the second film. There are two main reasons for this.

Problem # 1: Full schedules: For the sequel, those involved in the first part should return. But director Gina Prince-Bythewood wants to shoot the film “The Woman King” first, which she is currently preparing.

Problem # 1: busy schedules:

Much more important, because it is essential, is of course Charlize Theron. And she’s one of the most popular actresses in Hollywood. With “Atomic Blonde 2” she already has a specific project in the planning stage, which will probably also be developed for Netflix before “The Old Guard 2”.

Charlize Theron confirms: After “The Old Guard” comes “Atomic Blonde 2” to Netflix

This is another action film that also requires a lot of physical effort from the actress. And although they have been with “Mad Max: Fury Road”, “Atomic Blonde”, “Fast

According to the industry magazine Deadline, Theron also avoided having action-heavy roles and the associated training successive. It is to be expected that she will insert at least one other film between “The Old Guard” and “Atomic Blonde 2” and between “Atomic Blonde 2” and “The Old Guard 2”. That means “The Old Guard 2” would be a while in the future.

Problem # 2: Charlize Theron’s salary: Deadline’s industry insiders also address another problem that Netflix has to solve. Charlize Theron does not yet have a contract for a second film. And since it is needed, it is in an excellent negotiating position.

Problem # 2: Charlize Theron’s salary:

Netflix has the problem of having to dig deep into its pockets anyway. In contrast to the classic cinema studios, the streaming service cannot shift part of the risk by participating in the box office earnings. Guaranteed sums of over $ 20 million, which are now the exception for cinema projects, are paid much more frequently by Netflix.

According to the deadline, Ryan Reynolds, Dwayne Johnson and Ryan Gosling have already been able to call for guaranteed amounts of at least 25 million dollars for Netflix projects. Budgets grow tremendously as a result and Netflix has to carefully weigh up such projects whether one wants to do them. The industry experts at Deadline describe negotiations between Netflix and stars as particularly “complicated” because the classic movie rules cannot be applied. Such “complicated” negotiations are still pending with Theron.

Is Netflix getting a problem with big sequels?

So “The Old Guard 2” may still be a few years in the future – and fans of the expensive Netflix blockbusters should expect such long waiting times. In 2017, for example, “Bright” became the most watched film on Netflix to date, and the quickly announced sequel “Bright 2” is still not in sight. Here, too, there are similar reasons.

While Netflix can quickly knock out the smaller films such as the very latest “The Kissing Booth 2” with low budgets and (young) actors who are immediately available again, sequels for the major projects may never come in this way or only in the distant future. Therefore it is also very quiet about a “Bright 2”, a “The Old Guard 2” or a “Spenser Confidential 2” or a “6 Underground 2”, although the first films leave the stage open for possible sequels or even actively prepare and all of them were big hits for Netflix.

Even the announced “Tyler Rake: Extraction 2” is in the works, but there is still no schedule.

Charlize Theron at Comic-Con @ Home 2020

At the end we want to refer you to the video with Charlize Theron from Comic-Con @ Home 2020, which was already announced at the beginning. At the online replacement event for the Comic-Con, which is canceled this year due to the corona pandemic, Theron talks in detail about her love for action cinema and why she only got off to a great start in this genre in recent years.

She tells how few opportunities there were because she wasn’t offered action roles, how her Oscar opened up her first chances and led to “Aeon Flux”, but the failure of the film quickly made them disappear and then how with “Mad Max : Fury Road ”and“ Atomic Blonde ”changed a lot.

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